15th of July (English)

Publié le 14 Juin 2018

Gospel text

(Mt 5,27-32): 

Jesus said to his disciples: «You have heard that it was said: ‘Do not commit adultery’. But I tell you this: anyone who looks at a woman to lustfully has in fact already committed adultery with her in his heart. So, if your right eye causes you to sin, pull it out and throw it away! It is much better for you to lose a part of your body than to have your whole body thrown into hell. If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away! It is better for you to lose a part of your body than to have your whole body thrown into hell. 

»It was also said: ‘anyone who divorces his wife must give her a written notice of divorce’. But what I tell you is this: If a man divorces his wife except in the case of unlawful union, he causes her to commit adultery. And the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery».


The Application


Jesus doesn’t remove the rules and regulation of the society. All that He desires from us is to improve these elements to the divine perfection. Thus, we are called to go beyond of normal way of living and learn to act just like God, because we are children of God.

This normal human way of acting upon every moment of life, will be certainly accompanied by the divine grace. It is here that we discover the divine will and we will be fully engaged in accomplishing this will, because, it’s no more our human will, but the divine will which will orient us. Just like the prophet Elijah was accompanied in all moments of life, we too will be accompanied in our difficult moments of life.  

Once our life is fully taken by the Lord, even the rigid laws that we have will be a soft rope to hold on, because there will be nothing impossible for us. The perfection won’t be something to be desired, but will be cherished and lived.

«Anyone who looks at a woman to lustfully has in fact already committed adultery»

+ Fr. Josep LIÑÁN i Pla SchP 
(Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain)

Today, Jesus keeps digging deeper on the demands of the Sermon on the Mount. He does not abolish the Law; on the contrary, He brings the Law to its fullness; thus, the observance of the Law is not just supposed to be the simple fulfillment of some minimum conditions to put our house in order. God's Law of Love is given to us for us to reach the summit, but, somehow, we manage to transform it into the law of minimum effort. God is so exacting...! Yes, maybe, but He also has given us the maximum, for He has given Himself to us!

Today, Christ aims high and points out his authority over the sixth and ninth Commandments, those referring to our sexuality and to our purity of thought. Sexuality is our language to express love and alliance; consequently, we cannot trivialize it, nor can we use the other person as an object to selfishly gratify one's pleasure, not even in our thinking! Hence, Jesus' stern assertion: «Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has in fact already committed adultery with her in his heart» (Mt 5:28). We must, therefore, cut out the root of all evil and avoid those thoughts and occasions that would lead us to do what God does not want us to; this is what these words, that may look so radical and exaggerated to us, actually mean; yet, words, those who listened to Jesus, did understand in its expressivity: pull out, cut off, throw away...

Last, but not least, the dignity of the sacrament of matrimony must always be protected, as it is part of God's project regarding man and woman, who, through love and mutual deliverance, become one flesh; and, at the same time, it is sign and participation of Christ's covenant with the Church. A Christian cannot live the man-woman relationship, nor his conjugal life, dominated by the allurements this world: «Don't believe that because you are married you can keep a mundane life and let yourself go to a life of loafing and laziness; on the contrary, you must work more intently, and watch more carefully over your salvation» (St. Basil).


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