The feast of Pentecost

Publié le 19 Mai 2018

The feast of Pentecost is our birthday celebration, the birth of the Church, a birth in the baptism of water and fire made by the Holy Spirit. This Catholic Church is universal, animated by the Holy Spirit who sanctifies the people and send them as missionaries to the whole world. In this universal and Catholic Church, there are differences, of course, but also with a rich diversity that unifies all peoples, as one people with many languages, cultures, races, etc. As we today in this church that gathers, by all over the world we are together, celebrate the feast in many languages ​​and rites. This Church the Bridegroom of the Lord, prays together as members of one body.

If there is one thing that identifies us and unifies us, it is the commandment of the Lord, "Love one another, as I have loved you." In this commandment even though there is no novelty in itself, the newness is in the way Jesus loved us and in Him we have a model to imitate and to configure us. Through his accompaniment and by our listening and commitment, we can love one another as Jesus loved us. Thus, this love that dominates men's hearts, is now transformed as a pure love of God, a love descends from heaven. This love is capable, as Saint Paul tells us, of healing all our wound. Like a fire that burns and transforms, this love buries in us all that hurts us and in its gentleness makes us born again in the living water, which gives life to the world.

To live a life filled with love is not possible if we are not led by the Holy Spirit, because we live in a world full of hatred and revenge which produce lot of violence and war. St. Paul confirms to us that a man who is led by the Holy Spirit will be a man of God. The Holy Spirit helps him to hope for what he does not see and to wait with perseverance. The Holy Spirit who lives in us, teaches us to wait and helps us to persevere in our commitment.

The Christian life is a life of witness that makes visible the Holy Spirit who lives in us and all that is invisible to men. Through our life, we must demonstrate to the world that true love still exists and we can always hope with certainty and conviction. The Defender sent by Jesus will help us to discover this truth, the true divine accompaniment in the life of each one of us. We believe it or not, God dwells in us and He still does the wonders that our Mother sang in the magnificat: What wonder the Lord has done to me! He continues this wonder in and through us.

My dear friends in the Lord, it is in this fire of love and the living water that the Lord wanted us to be born in this Church. Creation has revealed to us the creator, the incarnation revealed to us the Redeemer, and the feast of Pentecost reveals to us the One who sanctifies us. The Church of the day reveals to us the fruit of the Trinity, which unifies everything. Just like the Apostles of the Lord with the Mother of God, let us come out of our homes and announce to the world this fire that burns us and the water that makes us live. I wish you all a holy feast of Pentecost. Amen.


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