2nd Easter Sunday

Publié le 7 Avril 2018

On this Sunday of divine Mercy, we observe that we live in a world of individuals who seek the good of each and every one, insisting their right and freedom. In this personal freedom, they conveniently forget the existence of others, especially all those who are in need of others for their survival. Thanks to the apostolic influence and the fervour of the faithful, the Christian community of the day is called to integrate these people so that they too live a peaceful and pleasant life.

This social balancing is born in the spiritual integration, with communitarian engagement of a simple sharing. Since we are members of one BODY, the body of the Lord, we cannot ignore anyone, even those who are outside of our belief, for they are also  the children of Abraham, the beloved ones of the Father. . The first Christian community devoted all its time to this mission received in their worship, the worship of the true God.

This unity of the people will form a community of peoples, with its diversity, making visible the eternal unity, by faith, faith in Jesus Christ, the Risen One. In this contemporary world,  we are this people of God, who give thanks to the Lord, with Mary, his mother, saying, what marvellous that the Lord has done to us and He continues to do! Heirs of this filiation, giving life to the hungry and afflicted, we will receive the renewal of a new life in God, a life filled with love and forgiveness, fully animated by the Holy Spirit.

Since our (the resurrected people of God) lives are filled with love and forgiveness, we make visible through our life of witness, this God of love and mercy. The world that does not know this God of love, is invited by our acts and our words, to discover this God who accompanies and the one who still loves. It is quite possible that we are rejected by this world. Do not be afraid. The Holy Spirit who accompanies us and guides us, will give us strength and courage. He will tell us everything we need to say and what we need to do.

In accomplishing this divine will animated by the Holy Spirit, fully realizing with our limits, we participate in the apostolic mission, even in our weakness, in our personal or family problems like divorce and separation. Attacks, natural disasters, wars, etc., do feed the world with fear without recourse. It spreads and promotes violence as a perfect and immediate solution. We Christians in the image of the risen Christ, have a duty to feed this world with love and forgiveness, with sharing and reconciliation. For we have heard from the Apostles that the Lord has greeted them with this saying, "Peace be with you! Just as the Father sent me, so I send you. We are the envoys of the Father. A Father who is infinitely good.

In this gospel we find ourselves once again with the Creator, the One who breathed for the first time. Christ is the new 'MAN' who came to cleanse the world of the sin of disobedience. "The Apostles are now empowered to complete the work that Christ began during his earthly life. The Church continues this work of God, through her priests and her faithful, not only through the sacrament of reconciliation, but also in every human encounter. We should never be disappointed. Though the doors remain closed, the Lord is there in our midst to strengthen us. He can break any barriers of life, material and spiritual.

Like Thomas, everyone is asked to see the Risen One, especially today in the universal Church, through his pierced side. Men of good will from now on will discover Christ easily, yet mystically in faith, 'to believe without seeing'. This world need the signs of hope and charity. We are the signs of faith to men, to those of Thomas who still seek them. We should believe in our salvation history, particularly how God has chosen Saul to be Paul to announce the Good News. Once discovered, like Thomas, they too will proclaim the profession of faith, "My Lord and my God. " Jean concludes the gospel in précising that there were still a lot about Jesus that is not written. However, what is written are sufficiently enough for us to see, to read and to believe. Our Faith in Christ and sincere engagement to accomplish His will, will transform us to be resurrected, just like Jesus.

On this Sunday of Divine Mercy, let us entrust all our brothers and sisters who spread hatred in the world and with all their victims. Pray for all those who work tirelessly for peace and reconciliation. Let's be in our daily lives, missionaries of divine mercy. Amen.



Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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