5th Sunday of the Lent

Publié le 17 Mars 2018

Last Sunday we meditated, how much God loves us and the way God expressed to us in Christ. We were also searching the best way to respond to this divine love. We are still around the same theme, particularly the way God made this love visible through covenant after covenant promising His love, expressed in the pardon. Today through the prophet Jeremiah He is once again promising a new covenant. However, there is a big difference between the others we have known for centuries and what He will do in Jesus Christ. Personally, I would say to you, the Eucharist that we celebrate today, resembles this covenant, which will never be renewed or replaced, expect with the second coming, the last judgement day, when everything will come to an end. All that we do today is simply remembering this everlasting covenant made in the Eucharist, made once for all. In truth we do not understand all the meanings of this covenant and what exactly God has done to us in this sacrament.

To perceive and understand this mystery in its perfection, we need a pure heart to receive this in a dignified way as a gift of life. Let us pray at the same time, supplicating for a divine intelligence to decode this truth. This truth of the divine will, for the salvation of the world, will itself be an openness for us towards the Trinitarian approach to this salvific mystery.  In this act of salvation we will discover the way God has shown to us. If we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, have the courage to ascend with Him to the mountain where the transfiguration happened, we will be surprised to be in front of this marvel of God,  where God prepares Himself, to make an alliance with His only begotten Son, through his incarnation, death and resurrection, by accomplishing in Jesus all the prophecies of the prophets. Here God will enable us to discover the importance of this divine commitment. Our positive response to this call from God, (to discover His divinity in the humanity of Jesus and ) to build a new world with Him, for us, will be a de facto participation in the accomplishment of the divine will. In this commitment, we will be guided and accompanied by the Holy Spirit, and so that in the end this God abides in us.

Certainly, people like Philip, who are the disciples of the Lord, are happily around  us. We have to dare. "We would like to see Jesus. These men of good will and strong faith are like GPS, will guide us to Jesus and Jesus to this God who loves us. For Jesus, this is the expected hour of the Father, promised to the humanity, the right time for us to raise and look at the Father. Here is the hour, the hour of God, for the salvation of the world. For us personally, it is the hour to put to death all that turns us away from divine love. The time of conversion and reconciliation. Though painful it may appear, but will give us the eternal healing. This reconciliation with God will reconcile us with our brothers and sisters. We will be transformed into one body and one spirit in God. Like the hand that does not live for oneself, we too will live for the Lord. Like the grain that dies to give life, we too, imitating Christ par excellence, will give up our carnal life, to give birth in us a new life in God.

A world that lives for the Lord, by the Lord and in the Lord, will live in peace and joy. Every man who associates himself with this world will be a free man, a free man before God will make the glory of God and in him God will be glorified. Jesus was this free man before God. God was glorified in Jesus and Jesus was glorified by God. Pray that we may be, by our words and our acts glorify this God who loves us. In this last week of the Lent, before entering in to the Hoy Week, shall we learn to die with Christ, to be resurrected with Him? Amen.



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