4th Lenten Sunday

Publié le 10 Mars 2018

In every process of human development, God is at the heart in sprouting in us the hope and brings whenever needed the light to enlighten us. It is humanly understandable and we experience very often in our daily life that we stumble and fall, sometime wilfully, refusing to acknowledge our failures. The little pleasures of life submerge our capacity of reasoning, application of our intelligence and our deeper will to be with God. It is here God sends the messengers to remind us and rekindle in us the same desire for God and for His holiness. Our unfaithfulness and arrogance sometime have helped our enemies to destroy, this wonderful desire in us, and we were the cause of the desperations of the messengers of God.  The faithfulness and the mercy of God are there to remind us and help us, happily to re-join in the company of people, the people of God, the people that God so loved. The Lenten season is one such occasion to realise this divine faithfulness, discover his unconditional love and mercy, inviting us all to come back to God, just like the prodigal son.

It is important that we recall our past misadventures, which will earnestly help us not to fall once again by our stupidity. Our history of salvation is also filed with signs of Hope, because it gives us the wonderful image of a merciful God. A God who is always ready to forgive and help us. We are His people, a people chosen by Him, a people loved by Him. It is in this unconditional love that we find the reason to hope.  This hope is certainly not a handiwork of human being. It is a mere gift given by God, to us, with love and compassion.

The search of Nicodemus can be compared to the people of good will of our contemporary world, who still search for this God, the God of mercy and compassion. Just like him, who didn’t have the certitude of finding the Christ, advancing in doubt with the hope, we too should have the courage to take this pilgrimage towards the Christ, with the hope of finding Him. For the surprise of Nicodemus, Jesus has already found him under the fig tree, and today he is invited to discover the divinity of Jesus, the saviour of the Word. An invitation is extended to him, to join the angels of the Lord, particularly to participate in the divine movements in the human history. ‘You will see the greater things’ to come. This future history is not the beginning of a new history, rather the continuation of the NEW history, narrowly linked to the OLD history, the lifting of the serpent, which has saved the people in the desert.

This new history is a beautiful love story, the love story of God. God so ‘loved the world’. Even though this world repeatedly rejected the light and have chosen the darkness, God comes once again, in Christ to light up the world. The WORD became flesh, tangible and accessible to us all. Now it is up to us, to choose the light or the darkness. The way we act and think will discern whether we are with Jesus or not. All that we do and say, should give a life witness to this divine love story and make our life as a beautiful love story, in dedication to the divine love, given and received, in Jesus, on the Cross. Have a wonderful Sunday. 


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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