The Tranfiguration of the Lord

Publié le 25 Février 2018

Man is a mystery and this man that we are is unable to discover himself, as long as he is pushed by the Spirit, mounted on a high mountain, pushed and forced to travel to some extreme situation, as we heard in the first reading and also in the gospel of the day. It is here he will see the Glory of God, God in Jesus and Jesus with the humanity in the transfiguration. Through the overwhelming trial of offering the only begotten son, the sole hope of the generation, Abraham will discover not only the depth of his faith, his love and his obedience, but also the divine proximity. To listen to this God is not always easy and from time to time his demand is terrible. Yet Abraham teaches us to listen to this God in all circumstances. My friends, the hardships we face daily can be a grace to discover ourselves, our own abilities to act and our human weakness. Very often in these trials we discover how much God loves us and how much He accompanies us. It is here we learn to listen and obey God.

The time of Lent is a moment of grace, so that we discover not only the love and the divine forgiveness, but also this God who loves us in Jesus and discover the divinity of Jesus in his humanity. Transfiguration happens in a high mountain. To ascend on a high mountain is to ascend to the Easter of the Lord, to the fulfilment of the promise made to our father Abraham. The accomplishment of the LAW (Moses) and the prophets (Elijah). Today we are invited to discover this God in the hearts of men. For this, Jesus invites us to listen to Him and join him with his disciples.

If we say 'YES' to this call of God, like Mary, we will feel in the midst of trials the divine accompaniment and God will show us his wonders. In our 'yes' and obedience we will see as Abraham that God who is faithful to his promise and who loves us. To discover this God, we must go up with Jesus on a high mountain, the dwelling place of God, where we will be face to face with God, God alone with us. We need courage to leave our last, our occupations, our worries, our everything behind, and to know how to rise us towards this God who seeks us.

An inner silence and isolation from the outside is necessary to better listen to the Lord. That is why Jesus took with Him, three of his disciples who loved him. It is in this love they are invited to discover this mystery of the transfiguration, the Trinity together with men. They are the privileged ones of this mystery of the transfiguration. The message of the transfiguration is, "This is my beloved Son: listen to him! Lent invites us not only to taste all that God offers us, but essentially to listen to all that God tells us and to put His Word into practice.

It's good to be here. Yet the purpose of a boat, is not to be in port, rather off. Our Holy Father asks us to go out, to go out to the peripheries of our society. Not as an expert but filled with love and fraternity. Like the disciples who have not understood neither the mystery of the transfiguration, nor the mystery of death and the resurrection, we are moving forward with others, by putting all our hope in the divine revelation. May this time of Lent challenges us and helps us to listen faithfully to all that the Lord reveals to us and bear witness to this gift of the Holy Spirit. Let us never forget that God did not hesitate to kill his Son for us. Have a wonderful Sunday.


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