The First Sunday of the Lent

Publié le 18 Février 2018

God makes covenant with the people and assures them His faithfulness. Whenever this people are disturbed, He renews His covenants with all who are with Him. He does not want to lose his people, we confirm Saint John in his gospel. We wish or not, God comes to meet his people. He has always wanted to be with him, so that this world is filled with his goodness and his generosity. He created the world and He found it good, tells us the book of Genesis.

It is in this divine goodness present in this world and his continuouse generosity and in his inexhaustible love that we raise our voice, whenever we are in trouble, towards this God by saying, remember, Lord, your love and your mercy. This cry of the people is a sign of hope and trust. God taught us to shout, to cry to Him with a certainty of His forgiveness. He gives us the hope to rise ourselves like the prodigal son, 'I will get up and go to my Father.' We pray humbly, 'Teach me Lord, your path of truth. May I come back to you and learn to trust you.

Where does this trust come from? It is the baptism that gives us this hope of forgiveness and reconciliation. Since we are the loved ones of God, by our way of life and through our baptism "We become Christians, a being totally different from what we see. The first Sunday of Lent demands us to convert and believe.

For me personally, it's not about abandoning everything we love. In truth, it is a call to return to our desires, the divine desire, the good of all. Man by his own nature seeks truth and the temptation is to stop before reality, without discovering the truth. To convert is to discover this truth, the divine proximity, God with us. The reign of God is near, says the Lord. Conversion is not simply to stop doing evil, bad thinking, etc., it is rather to return home, to find your divine identity, to live yourself as a true man par excellence, to become a just man before this God who is righteous. If you do not know this 'right man', you have to look into the humanity of Jesus. Like us and with us, however, He is very different, Almighty God. To convert is simply to become a man, the very just man before God.

What is needed in the time of Lent is to rediscover that God

makes a covenant with men. He wants to share his life, eternal life with his creation. To live Lent is not to make sacrifices or mortifications or penances first; it is to look towards this God, to become aware of his active presence in us, of his firm commitment to our daily life and of his unwavering love for a people who are usually unfaithful. If we understand this well and if we integrate it into our life and share it with our brothers and sisters, our Lent will be filled with this presence of God who makes a daily alliance with us. I wish you a good Lent.

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