5th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 4 Février 2018

We are celebrating the fifth ordinary Sunday. In today’s gospel we are given an impression which is rightly justified by the Lord that all seek the Lord for his healing power, while He is praying with his Father. This prayer in misery, yet filled with hope, reminds us of the state of man, especially men who look like Job in the first reading. A faithful man, yet fully in misery and pain without any reasonable justification. The first reading present to us the just cry of Job, "Just lying down, I say to myself," When can I get up? The evening does not finish. I am filled with nightmares until dawn. Very often we live Job and his despair is ours. We do not know why it's happening for us and to some of our dear ones.

When confronted with such a situation, the Gospel of the day asks us to address the Lord, as did the disciples who introduced Peter's mother-in-law and the others who sought the Lord. They brought the sick to the Lord, obviously in the hope of finding a solution. Jesus tells us that the solution is not only in healing, rather in prayer and contemplation.

All service must be inspired not merely by the need of the humanity, but rather in the prayer and contemplation, for the divine will is revealed in this divine encounter. In seeing the intention of this change of program of the day by the Lord, we will understand the source. All were looking for him, while Jesus insists his disciples to move towards another direction, totally incomprehensible to the world of the day. Even if He is well received and all are with Him, He sees somewhere else. Human intelligence will wisely teach us to stay here and continue to do good.

For our astonishment, Jesus ignores this human proposal, and fixes his new program, entirely coherent with the will of his Father. "Let's go elsewhere ............... .., so that here too I proclaim the Gospel. A new mission entrusted by the Father, will push Him to a new direction towards Galilee.

All are called to announce this Good News, this desire of God, to save the world. All that we do should be coherent with not simply what is good and necessary, rather what is entrusted to us by the Lord. He sends us to this world he loves. He so loved the world, that He sent His Son, not to judge, but through Him that the world be saved. Paul became aware of this baptismal vocation, He reminds us of it. Let us not forget that we are the missionaries sent by the Lord, to save, to heal, to free the world.


On this day we follow you Lord in your prayer. We welcome your invitation to participate for you, in the announcement of your good news; and we pray that you may transform us in the depths of ourselves to better ourselves day by day to announce your Good News by our words and deeds, to others. Amen


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