Epiphany (English)

Publié le 7 Janvier 2018

The feast of Epiphany invites us to the manger to discover the wonder of the Lord where God has manifested to the world, no longer as an ordinary and dependent child, weak and fragile but as a saviour of the world. This celebration opens our eyes and invites us to discover this divine manifestation and to worship God, in truth and in Spirit.

Let's look at this child once again, at the manger, more intensely possible with this call of prophet Isaiah, "all the people of Saba will come bringing gold and incense: they will announce the deeds of the Lord. Let us say with Mary, in joy, "what marvellous the Lord has done for me. He did it, He does it and He will do it again. Let's bring him our gifts. What is this gift that we wish to offer him? In the Gold they recognized in Him a king, in incense the God and in the myrrh, they discovered the Saviour, the resurrected one.  And we……. ?

Let us pay attention to the wise men who have taken their journey, each in his own way and place, animated by the same star. Their presence helps us to make the same personal initiative, searching for the Saviour, in union with others, known and unknown, animated and guided by the Holy Spirit. Never be alone?

Do we discover in this feast, the true work of God, the wonder that God has humanity to his humanity? The new-born is the Light that enlightens the world. All, the shepherds, the angels, the wise men, and even the people, gave glory to God. It is no longer our eyes that reveal this mystery to us, but the Holy Spirit. He helps us to advance from visibility to invisibility, from reality to truth.

The wise men arrived in Jerusalem with hope and their arrival was already causing anxiety not only to the king but also the religious men, and even the whole people. Without going into the details of these concerns, we seek an answer for this error. Why did they go to the palace? The answer is simple: they sought the king, the new-born, the Prince, the future King of Israel. In other words, they did not want to follow the star anymore. It's a pity to drop the one who accompanies you (GPS), as long as you have not yet arrived at the destination. Even though we are animated or guided by the Holy Spirit, mistakes are always possible. In freedom, the man can risk to stop to follow the instructions received. We must be careful that we do not repeat it very often. When we fail, we must know how to put everything back, and start all over again, in humility, recognizing that we are mistaken in our discernment.

Certainly, there is still another beginning that will restart again giving a new direction. They left again, another way, happy, filled with happiness. This is a new way, and they will do it without being accompanied by the star. They have entered into this mystery of Epiphany, they are no longer need the star, and they are totally transformed. This encounter, just like every other divine encounter, transforms all men of good will.

With Mary and Joseph, and today with these wise men who have come from the East to worship God, let us make our own pilgrimage of our interiority to these peripheries of the world, joyfully announcing this Good News. Let's go to meet this new-born. Let's not close ourselves up in Herod's palace like religious elites. Since they were waiting for the consolation of God, they could easily followed these wise men. But they chose to ignore, just like any other, to follow the star.  Let's get out of this palace, with these magi and bravely proclaim through our witnessing life that we have seen and followed the star and in consequence we are totally transformed and a happy people. Happy feast, God bless you all.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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