3rd Advent Sunday

Publié le 17 Décembre 2017

We enter into the third Sunday of the Avant, with the theme the joyous waiting. God who is close to us gives us this joy, the Rose Sunday, and the colour of this Sunday liturgy is Rose, which signify the joy of incarnation. The prophet Isaiah tells us the reason of the joy is Christ that this proximity is wished by God Himself, so that man is free from everything, especially anything that separate him away from the love of God. St. Ignatius of Loyola tells us, 'the glory of God is the free man standing before God.'  Since this God is coming to meet us, we are called to celebrate this event  with joy.

In this assurance of salvation, we look inward and discover the divine presence in all that God has done to us. And we sing, God has done wonders and we give thanks for all the goodness that God has given us. The history of salvation which is ours reveals to us this divine accompaniment. It is in this recognition that our life itself is transformed as a thanksgiving. 'My soul exalts the Lord and my spirit exults in God my salvation.' With Mary we glorify the name of Lord, His name is Holy.

My friends, I think that's why St. Paul exhorted his faithful to give thanks to God all the time, in all circumstances. For the goods we have received, we can easily give thanks to the Lord. How can we give thanks to the Lord for sickness, for divorce or separation, for natural disasters, for wars, etc.? ? By trusting in the goodness and providence of the Lord, we put all our hope in the goodness of God. He is good and He will never leave us. It is in this deep faith, that even in our failures and distress we invoke the Lord, with hope and certitude.  

St. John the Baptist confirms this by saying, 'He is with us and among us'. The child who has thrilled with joy, shares with us his joy, the joy that identifies Christ with us. We only have to decode it. Jesus has promised to his disciples that He will be there with them till end of this world.  I would like to present you an image that can help me to explain to you better. To connect to the internet, or to our subscriptions related to the internet service, we have an identifier and a password.

Our identifier is 'Christian' and the password is Good deeds, filled with love and mercy. We must connect to the person, the Christ. Certainly, if we remain in Christ, we will be a happy person despite our limitations, our diseases, etc., as St. Paul asks us in the first reading. We must know how to live our Christian vocation in a dignified and concrete way.

For that, we must ask ourselves the same question of the priests and Levites of the Gospel of the day, who are you? and seek the sincere answer to the truth, like John the Baptist, 'I am not'. Many of our contemporaries say with certainty, '' I am a believer ''. They forget, however, that they are not only believers, but also Christians. What are the visible and invisible signs that we give to this world that we are Christians, the true ones and are we well connected to the person, Jesus? On this Sunday of joy, we must make a examination of conscience and sincere evaluation of life. John the Baptist was the voice of the desert, who cried and identified the Christ and you, who are you?


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