2nd of December (English)

Publié le 1 Décembre 2017

Gospel text

(Lc 21,34-36): 

Jesus said to his disciples, «Be on your guard; let not your hearts be weighed down with a life of pleasure, drunkenness and worldly cares, lest that day catch you suddenly as a trap. For it will come upon all the inhabitants of the whole earth. But watch at all times and pray, that you may be able to escape all that is bound to happen and to stand before the Son of Man».


The Application


Tomorrow we will enter officially into the preparation, particularly to welcome Christ in our life. This preparation is an ultimate preparation to welcome, the second coming of Christ, not as a dependent child, rather as a King. Here all our approach towards God and humanity get modified.

To avoid all the unpleasant surprises, Jesus is proposing two ways, which are closely interlinked. Watch and pray.

How to watch? I would like to reminder the parable of virgins with Lamps and oil. Why not the parable of wedding cloth?

The second means is prayer. Since prayer is a means of communication, let us transform all our prayers as a dialogue and a place to listen to the Lord. Once we remain connected, there is no surprises, because Jesus reveals everything to his friends. Are you his friend?  


Daily Quote from the early church fathers

Drunkenness weakens both soul and body, by Origen of Alexandria (185-254 AD)


    "'But take heed to yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life, and that day come upon you suddenly like a snare.' You heard the proclamation of the eternal King. You learned the deplorable end of 'drunkenness' or 'intoxication' Imagine a skilled and wise physician who would say, 'Beware, no one should drink too much from this or that herb. If he does, he will suddenly be destroyed.' I do not doubt that everyone would keep the prescriptions of the physician's warning concerning his own health. Now the Lord, who is both the physician of souls and bodies, orders them to avoid as a deadly drink the herb 'of drunkenness' and the vice 'of intoxication' and also the care of worldly matters. I do not know if any one can say that he is not wounded, because these things consume him.
    "Drunkenness is therefore destructive in all things. It is the only thing that weakens the soul together with the body. According to the apostle, it can happen that when the body 'is weak,' then the spirit is 'much stronger' (2 Corinthians 12:10), and when 'the exterior person is destroyed, the interior person is renewed' (2 Corinthians 4:16). In the illness of drunkenness, the body and the soul are destroyed at the same time. The spirit is corrupted equally with the flesh. All the members are weakened: the feet and the hands. The tongue is loosened. Darkness covers the eyes. Forgetfulness covers the mind so that one does not know himself nor does he perceive he is a person. Drunkenness of the body has that shamefulness." (excerpt from HOMILIES ON LEVITICUS 7.5–6)


«Watch at all times and pray»

Fr. Antoni CAROL i Hostench 
(Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain)

Today, last day of the Ordinary Time, Jesus clearly warns us about the fate of our pass through life. Should we stubbornly insist on living imbued by the immediacy of our worldly cares, the last day of our earthly existence will come upon us so suddenly that the very blindness of our own greediness will prevent us from recognizing God himself, who will come (do you remember we are just passers-by around here?) to take us towards the divine intimacy of His Infinite Love. Something like what happens to a spoiled child: he is so entertained by “his” toys, that he ends up by forgetting his parents' tenderness and his friends' company. And when he finally realizes what he has done, he disconsolately wails because of his unexpected loneliness.

The antidote Jesus offers us is equally clear: «Watch, therefore, at all times and pray» (Lk 21:36). To watch and to pray... The same advise He gave his apostles the night He was betrayed. The prayer has an admirable prophecy component, often forgotten when preaching, that is, to switch from the mere “seeing” to “watching” the quotidian in its deepest and crudest reality. As Evagrius Ponticus wrote, «Just as sight is the most worthy of the senses, so also is prayer the most divine of the virtues». The classics of spirituality name it “supernatural vision”, i.e. to look through God's eyes. Or what amounts to the same, to know the Truth: about God, about the world, about oneself. The prophets were not only those who “preceded what was about to happen”, but also those who knew how to interpret their present time in its just measurement, scope and density. The end result: they knew, with God's help, how to redress history.

So often we complaint about our world situation. —Where shall all this lead us to? Today, is the last day of the Ordinary Time, it is also a day of definite resolutions. Maybe it is about time that someone may make up his mind and give up his present drunkenness while starting to work for a better future. —Would you like this someone to be you?
Then, cheer up! And may God bless you!


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