31st Sunday

Publié le 4 Novembre 2017

My Sunday Homily


We live in a world of fast food and a great majority of its visible members are very ambitious. These ambitious people wish to

develop this world and transform everything without mercy, sometime even traditional and social values. Each and every one of us believers and non-believers are trying to have a beautiful and pleasant life. We divide and frame everything as good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant, black and white, etc. This is how we try to discern everything and choose better. In this choice of life, we all wish to avoid suffering and pain, without knowing their utilities. Paradoxically, we choose birth and accept it as a pleasant reality and celebrate it. At the same time, death, all we would like to avoid, at least delay it the maximum possible. The world that knew how to welcome childhood and youth in joy, hasn’t learned to welcome aging as a step towards wisdom, rich with experience. Jesus who observes us and the people who in authority, and the general population, especially our daily difficulties, has something to say to us. He gives us guidance and directs us towards His Father who loves us.

The first proposal is to listen to the Word of God and put it into practice. This listening follows the second advice, to be faithful to this Word and to our tradition. The third is a new view of the world, especially how to look at the world in its totality and act faithfully as the children of God, to act according to His teaching.

Sacred scriptures, prophets and traditions tell us about our history, the history of the people of Israel, the history of salvation. We discover in this not only the infidelity of the people of God, but also the fidelity of God. This history and tradition, particularly the Holy Scriptures and prophets assure and tell us that we can always convert. God in His mercy will welcome us unconditionally as the father has welcomed the prodigal son. All the covenants and alliance that God made with His people, were a new beginning for this people of God and with new hope. Reading this Word, rereading this history and listening to all that it teaches us, will give us an inexhaustible hope.

Very often in duality, we separate the world and the heaven as two different entities. 'Today you will be with me in paradise', teaches us a new teaching on this duality, falsely applied in our theology. Many Christians, faithful to the faith, look upon the world as impure dominated by the power of the evil one, and we have learned to look upwards at heaven, the heavenly Jerusalem, as a place to be.

Well, Jesus asks us to look at the world like a heaven on the Earth, where God always remains as our Father. Our adherence to this family of God obliges us to address His Father as our Father. The Father of Jesus will remain for eternity as our model par excellence. Since we are his children, Jesus asks us to behave with dignity.

How to live a dignified life? First, our life must be a witnessed life, one that practices everything we teach others. Our words are consistent with our actions.

Second, if we have a responsibility with a civil or political authority, or spiritual, it is an authority entrusted to the service of the people of God. Let's be aware that we are not the owners. Let us never forget that the purpose of an authority is not the goal of domination, but of service. Let us be  faithful servants.

This behaviour of being faithful to the divine teachings,  will make us humble and we will neither seek nor give importance for appearance or human honour. Like a shining light, we will illuminate the world with the Light of Christ. We will feel his accompaniment and we will be the divine glory, because the world will see in us the hope and the visible image of an invisible God. I wish you all a very good Sunday.

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