28th Sunday

Publié le 15 Octobre 2017

My Sunday Homily


Every Sunday readings give us a theme to meditate and contemplate for the week. To contemplate today’s gospel in a particular way, I would like to invite you all to divide this into three different part.  The first is this; 'My meal is ready' yet no one came to this sumptuous meal. The behaviour of the invited ones are somewhat strange. Sending the messengers and the dramatic ending.  How do we understand this refusal, do we participate in this refusal of the elites? Why they refused such an opportunity?

The second part is, the desire of this father who wanted to fill the wedding hall at all costs. Without ceasing, he sends his servants again and again, so that the others, say the uninvited, can participate in this meal, all for free. At the same time while presenting himself as someone generous, he orients the servants towards another group. Am I, one of the guests invited, or one of the servants sent by the Lord?

The third is the solemn entering of the king in the wedding hall and verifying the identity and worthiness of the participants. Thus we are confronted by this great silence of this guest who came without the expected dress code and also the firmness of the Lord, the last judgement. Why this silence……………………. When the Lord come for the verification, will he finds me with the expected dress code? Which is my actual dress?



How to apply this gospel in the light of the other readings of the day. First, the prophet Isaiah invites us to discover a God who is faithful to his promise, full of love and mercy. He announces the day of the Lord, the day He will save the people. This day is a day of consolation for all who wait for it. For others, is a day of judgment. In this parable the king presents himself as a generous person, who remains faithful. If we do not listen to him and put his patience to the test, he will not hesitate to judge us, a judgment without pity.

In the same fidelity, King David gives thanks to the Lord by acknowledging all that the Lord has done to him. He was that sheep who listened to the voice of the Lord, who faithfully walked on the path that the Lord Himself proposed. If we are desperate or discouraged, we must read and reread Psalm 22/23. Without recognizing the goodness and generosity of the Lord, we can never be faithful. As St. Paul tells us in second reading, "I can do everything in him who gives me strength." In joy and sorrow, he was always faithful to his vocation. This fidelity brought him inner tranquility and deep peace.

The silence of this guest speaks to us, for he was not ignorant. He knew that without this wedding garment he had no right to enter. Like the other guests, the elects of the society, he refuses to accept this invitation with an open heart, in humility and gratitude. He could simply say 'have mercy on me' and the Lord would have forgiven him with great joy. His arrogance had put him outside the people of God.

For us today, what is this garment? Evidently we will say, the garment of love and mercy. A love for this God who loves us and this love is expressed in forgiveness and reconciliation. For the Christian today, I would tell you to put on 'Christ' himself, the new man. All are invited, yet we must carry with us the key, for God has placed this key in our heart. Let us not shut our hearts, but let us hear the voice of the Lord. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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