25th Ordinary Sunday (English)

Publié le 24 Septembre 2017

My Sunday Homily


'I would give you all that is just.' It seems to us that the justice applied by the Master, not coherent to our present society. If it is an institution or factory, everyone will stand on the street crying against the owners. But then, Jesus is not speaking about an ideal society, rather He is helping us to understand the Kingdom of God and God himself. However, I think that it does merit to look at the justice divine. There is a great difference between divine justice and human justice. Divine justice is inclusive, according to the need of each and every one of us, closely bound to his being, filled with love and mercy. Human justice is exclusive, all that I owe in the society, according to my duty and my merits, closely linked to my act, without pity, directed by the will of the majority.

Let's look at the gospel as close as possible, and judge ourselves, if the Lord was truly right and what is the main theme of this Sunday readings? I will give you everything that is just, is not a matter of justice, but a matter of generosity and there was an agreement or a contract mutually accepted. Through the behaviour of this worker, we discover his desire, purely human desire. He sees the first and the last. Yet he forgets others who have received the same salary before him. Why he did not speak for others who have received the same and he cares only about himself. What bias? He wants to be the master of his master giving him directions. He wants his master to become his servant, doing as he would like. And he sees it just and right.

In this parable, the workers are invited to discover their master and his generosity. A master who is generous will always be generous with you, if you need it. The Master affirms himself as the first reading says, "As heaven is raised above the earth, so are my ways raised above your paths and my thoughts, above your thoughts. " The master affirms that he will continue to be generous, to all, equally without any partiality.

It is a great mystery for us, for this powerful God, creator of the universe is made small by his incarnation, that we may understand his greatness. God reveals Himself to us all. It is necessary to have a look of faith, to discover the truth, the truth as it is. Our God is merciful, not only to this man who has arrived at the last moment, but also to the other who has worked hard all day. He goes to him and listens to him patiently. He wishes that this grudging worker understand his own fault and that he understands the divine generosity. Even though he was not fair to his master, the master does not ignore him. He comes out of His way to listen and to teach. This is the true divine justice, no one is forsaken by the Lord. God does not react, he acts and his actions are not according to our merits or our rights, but according to his inexhaustible love, without any condition.

In celebrating the Eucharist, we ask the Lord to adjust us to that unconditional love which He continues to share with us. Like Him, who went even to the eleventh hour, we must go to the peripheries of our society searching and quenching the thirst of all those who need this love. May the Lord teach us to look at others as brothers and sisters. In his Kingdom there are no first or last. We are all called to the same family table, all children of the same Father. Lord, you who are good, give us that look which is good, filled with love and mercy. Amen

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