24th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 17 Septembre 2017

My Homily


We live in a world of vengeance, war, racism, violence and discrimination. It appears to us that the patience, non-violence and dialogue have lost their place in a world of precipitation and fast outcome. In the name of the good of the majority and of democracy, violence and war are justified.  Even charity is being denied in the name of security. The world today is witnessing the birth of the new form of terrorism and segregation. Fear has already invaded and we are looking for solutions. In today’s gospel have a wonderful solution, if we really wish to transform us and the society where we live.

Every man is called to answer this question of the Lord. Are you just before God? Just before men and just before God has a big difference. Before God, is a question of being and before men, is a matter of appearing.

The key word of the readings of the day is, forgiveness and I will add patience. 'The heart may blame us, but' God is greater than our heart ', the Bible tells us. God is neither conditioned by our actions, nor by our thoughts. As a good tree gives good fruit, He will always give us good fruit, forgiveness without any condition. If our heart is filled with anger and resentment, how can we fill it with divine mercy, asks us the first reading? God does not ask us to be divine, but He asks us to be human, purely human, like Jesus who was divinely human on earth.

This call to be human is not simply a question of holiness, but a question of belonging. We belong to the Lord. We are called  to live in God, as a visible witness of love (as Jesus loved us in Jesus Christ), and to be a living presence of divine mercy. 'Forgive them,' was the Lord's request on the Cross. My friends in Jesus Christ, let us not forget this Christian duty.

Jesus gave us the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Through this sacrament, God is there to renew his divine covenant in the grace of baptism, in the origin of our being. We find our place as children of God, our own identity. Beyond the weaknesses, God reiterates his tenderness, love and forgiveness. In this sacrament He gives us a new heart and helps us to learn to love again. The risen Christ deposits in us his Spirit which restores us in the divine brotherhood. That is why St. Paul told us, "If we live, we live for the Lord; if we die, we will die for the Lord. In our life as in our death, we belong to the Lord. "

Let us live as the children of God, let us  forgive one another in love, as God forgives us. Amen.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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