Passion Sunday

Publié le 10 Avril 2022

We enter Holy Week, celebrating the passion of the Lord. A week filled with signs and symbols, ceremonies with great importance, a strong moment to better express our faith, faith in God who acts in silence, offering us his passion, as a gift offered to his lovers. Wasn't the passion of the Lord a profound expression of Christ’s love,  towards his Father, towards his people that his Father loves so much? Why, Lord, did you choose the passion, to die on the Cross, to make us understand your love? Only if we have a genuine answer to this question that this passion week will have a meaning.


The civil, political and religious authorities mingle to make disappear an Innocent who did only good. It is amazing that before the choice of the majority,  the will of the pitiful minority, remains silent, for their voice has disappeared in a huge crowd. Many of may feel the same today, in this crowded world.


The charges are not serious, yet death is claimed. Who has the truth? Maybe, they all have the truth, but a partial truth, will hurt us. The weak are used as an object to claim friendship, and this friendship is welcomed, for good and for evil. "It is better that one man die for the people and that the whole nation does not perish" prophesied Caiaphas, the high priest. God has His own way of making use of human weakness.


The divine silence, is passively active, because Jesus does not stop assuring his friends. God never stopped to do good. He will meet the women of Jerusalem, and also Simeon, the Cyrenian. The soldiers, the criminals, and even the centurion are invited to discover the economy of salvation, a surprising God. They would later say, "He was truly the Son of God." God welcomed all testimonies, sincere ones. Do we have one such witness?


For a people from Jerusalem, nothing special, as for us today. We know this story perfectly. Yet, there are elements in this story that escape us. Why did the King of the universe choose this donkey? An exceptional humility? We must reread our history and there we will discover that the King of peace always chose this animal. Nothing was by chance. He did not come to judge us, but by Him the world be saved. Everything is providence, and in silence, even the owner of this animal is invited to participate in the passion of the Lord.


By this exceptional entrance in the Holy city of Jerusalem, Jesus saw the world in its totality. The people who shouted with joy, and the people who demanded the release of a criminal and the death of an innocent. He was surrounded by the great, the small, by his disciples, in glorious acclamation., as Son of God.  He will go out of the palace, in accusation alone. He alone chose to carry the Cross. He is welcomed as a King and will go out as a criminal. He has seen all in this journey, the poor, the rich, the innocent, the civil, political, religious authorities, etc. He came to save the whole world.  The passion is offered to us all, no one can say, that he or she is ignorant. You are the only one living in Jerusalem, didn’t know what has happened, said the disciples of Emmaus.


In your hands I entrust my life. Was not easy. Humanly his prayer was, if you can take it away, why have you abandoned me, etc. It is in the same humanity He entrusted His Life to the Father. It is our own humanity, with its ups and downs, cry and joy, hope and despair, all come as a package of life. These convergent transversals, we will have it all our lives. We must know how to hand over everything to the Lord. Let us not be passive spectators, in such moments of life. we must live the passion with Christ, taking a correct and just position before God.


For the visible world, everything came to an end, by the death of Jesus. The disciples of Jesus, were not an exception.  For the believers, there is new beginning. It’s all up to us, how do we look at life. In every end, there is a new beginning. In every death, there is new life. The passion is offered to us, so that the resurrection can be appropriated as our own. Let us appropriate our daily passions and associate them that of Christ. There the promised resurrection will be ours. I wish you all a very Holy Week, a PASSION WEEK, Amen.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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