Easter Vigil Homily

Publié le 16 Avril 2022

It all starts again, on the first day of the week, at dawn, in front of an open tomb, are the women carrying the perfumed spices, prepared for a person they have loved. They are not there for an exceptional encounter, simply for love, to fulfil their duty of friendship. Like the world outside, in the midst of sadness and incomprehension about the choice of the religious leaders,   murdering an Innocent, they walk towards the tomb in their own darkness. In the empty tomb, they discovered men, and the faces of these men were like the sun, and they bowed before this light, unable to recognise or identify these men of God, the angels of the Lord.

As they let their emotions and feelings for the one they loved so much lead them out for the first time in days, from their inner darkness of their sadness, they hear an astonishing word, never heard before in history: "Why do you seek the Living One among the dead? He is not here, he has risen. 

It is love for us that God sent Jesus among us. It was out of love for the Lord that these women came to the tomb and again, it was out of love that John believed. Love is capable of transforming everything, of transforming the crossroads towards convergence. It is love for the Lord that we have welcomed our differences and that we form one community. If we have gathered here, it is for the Lord and to express how much we love the Lord. Our differences do not separate us, they are our pride. 

In baptism we are immersed in this immense love and we are reborn in this baptismal water, not as human beings, but as divine beings, because from now on the world will call us Christians. For us Christians, the Lord's death is a sign of hope, because baptism makes us participate not only in the Lord's death, but also, through his death, in his resurrection.

On this day of Easter, we are invited to imitate the same gestures found in today's Gospel. I would like to sign the three important gestures. First of all, the visit of the women. It reminds us of our human, social and family duty, especially towards my wife, my husband, (if married) towards our children, without forgetting our parents, our brothers and sisters. May our movements towards them, not be made out of compulsion, complicity or obligation, but out of love. Since the women of today's Gospel have already tasted the love of the Lord, their actions are a response to this love received unconditionally. May our commitments to our brothers and sisters be a response to the love we have received from the Lord.

The second is, their discovery of the empty tomb.  With the disciples of the Lord, they know Jesus as a man, as a teacher, as a great prophet and as the envoy of the Father, not of Christ, the Saviour.  In this emptiness, they are called to discover the Risen One who is something else, beyond our imagination. For this, the women are directed towards their own interiority, reminding them of all that Jesus has already taught them. God has already placed in our hearts that intelligence which helps us to walk on an unknown path, very often less travelled and unnoticed. We look for our God on the outside, and in truth he dwells within us. A proximity is created and a communion is established, so that man in his humanity becomes divine.

The third gesture is the realisation that they have a mission to fulfil with the apostles. We are all called to be missionaries, messengers of the love and forgiveness we have received from the Lord. Even if it is the Apostles whom the Lord has personally chosen from his disciples, whom he has raised up as his Apostles, they will receive the Good News of the resurrection from women, the outcasts of society. We are not great, we are not worthy, but God has chosen us as his messengers. The grace we have received does not depend on our merits. We must always recognise that in the life of the Lord's Church, it is prayer that has been the actor of history. Let us unite in prayer and let our actions be filled with love and mercy, as a response to the loving Father, who has given us His son, Amen.




Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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