Lenten Message

Publié le 1 Mars 2022

Today we begin Lent, marking the ashes as a sign of repentance and conversion. For me personally, it is a joyful moment. A moment of silence and interiorisation. I force myself, as much as possible, to spend a lot of my time in prayer and contemplation. Thus I will find the inner peace and serenity. It is thus, a favourable moment of reconciliation and sharing. On these days I find many of my brothers and sisters open and welcoming. Very good moment to renew and build a healthy relationship. Here we are, 40 days of spiritual celebration and rejuvenation of my energy. 


In order to make this a profitable moment, the Universal Church proposes three themes as a path to holiness, and in walking these paths, may we be right before God: Almsgiving, Prayer and Fasting. Almsgiving is synonymous with sharing. It is a call to share. Let us not reduce them by sharing our material, intellectual or spiritual goods. We must be aware that here I am sharing myself, as God gives himself in Jesus Christ. Prayer is a call to renew my relationship with God. Who is he for us? How do we call him in our daily lives? Can we name him? And the third one, many of us, we understand hastily, as fasting from certain things, like jealousy, or wickedness, etc . For me personally, fasting symbolically invites me to empty myself, to empty all that I have accumulated all my life, which is against the divine will. I empty myself, so that God may fill me with his grace.


This is not oriented towards success, rather towards faithfulness. In our fidelity to the divine will, we will realise that the way each of us would like to pray or fast or give alms will not be the same for others. I accept this difference and respect the sensitivity of others.  In my activities I try to associate and learn to do with my brothers and sisters. I feel spiritually the presence of my family, friends and the whole community. In my activities, even in my contemplation, I am not alone. To live this Lenten season in a meaningful way, pleasing to God, I invite you to freely choose one of the three means (almsgiving, prayer and fasting). It is necessary to personalise it and apply it radically and sensitively, because they are all linked with each other.


Lent is also a time to rejuvenate. By rereading our life of the day and of the past, we can easily discover our talents, qualities, etc., which we no longer use. We need to renew and reorganise them, so that they are useful, not only to us, but also to others.  By renewing the good habits we have forgotten, we can easily relive our youthfulness in a different way. When we were children, we were faithful. Let us once again become like that child who so loved his God. The prophet Joel reminds us, "Return to the Lord your God, for he is tender and merciful, slow to anger and full of love." Let us be lovers of God. God bless you all.



Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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