6th Ordinary Sunday Homily

Publié le 12 Février 2022

The Christian life is a pilgrimage towards the Lord, to meet him. As we make our way towards the Lord, we must be aware that the path proposed is a common one, there will also be others. On this path, joy and unhappiness are conditioned by our own life choices, including the way we behave. Since man is at a crossroads, between curse and bliss, we are faced with our responsibility.  God gives us this freedom to discern and choose, each according to his or her own priority.

Man is called to discern by observing everything that happens, not only on the outside, but also everything that lives inside him. A well-balanced man, integrate not only his rights and needs, but also those of others, who make their way with him.  The man of faith, the prophet Jeremiah tells us, does not look only at himself, or at the others around him, but essentially at God who loves us. Happy is the man who puts his faith in the Lord, whose Lord is his trust. Since God alone scrutinises and knows the hearts of others, it is prudent and wise to ask his advice and entrust our decisions to him. In my discernments, I pray to the Lord that others will not be the victims of my joys and happiness. Before each act or glance we cast at others, it is necessary to check and consult, if God will be pleased with this glance, our words, and our judgments. Every act of a believer must be discerned before this God, full of mercy and love.

This approach teaches us to take certain decisions with a certain distance, even if they are hard and painful at the time. If we commit to them, they can help us live our lives with joy and that joy will stay with us for an eternity.  What are those decisions that will weigh us down? Today's psalm presents us with some everyday situations. You will not participate in the council of the wicked, even though they hold the truth. You shall not sit with those who sneer and speak evil of others, even if they are your close friends.  If you choose to be with them, because they are your friends, for the time being you will be happy. Be careful, Jesus warns us, because one day we will cry, because with them you have destroyed your own life. Choose poverty today, so that the Lord will bless you with his riches.  With Jesus, you will be happy all your life.

The gospel tells us that Jesus came down from the mountain with his twelve. God made a difficult and painful decision to offer his only Son for the sin of the world. He chose ordinary, weak men, like Peter and Judas Iscariot, as his disciples, to witness to his love and forgiveness.  If Jesus proposes this path of the beatitudes to us, it is because he too has travelled this same path of rejection and betrayal. The divine becomes human, so that our humanity can participate in his divinity. He took up the Cross so that we might learn to carry our daily crosses and know that this Cross will lead us to the resurrection.

In his love, he offers us a path, the path of the beatitudes. A path that seems difficult to us, but which is nevertheless full of joy and happiness. He loved the world so much that he wanted to love it to the fullness. Here is a proposal of love and let us accept it with joy and share in his joy. And may their joy be complete, this was his prayer. This path of the beatitudes will be actualised in us, this prayer of the Lord, which he initiated at our baptism, Amen.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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