Sunday Homily

Publié le 23 Janvier 2022

We have all three readings announcing Good News. The first reading announces the feast of tents, where the people are called to an assembly where the Law will be read and interpreted. The people of Israel are invited to be purified and to be faithful to this Law, faithful to the author of this Law, God. There was a pleasure in listening to it, and in putting it into practice.  On this Word of God Sunday, let us put this Word at the centre of our lives, including in our homes. It is a pity that some Christians do not have the Bible at home and very few read the Bible daily.

The second reading announces to us the newness of this people, the Church of the Lord, as a dwelling place of God, a Catholic, holy and universal Church, with its diversity.  It’s no more one single community or race, it’s an assembly of people, people of µGod, from different origins, thinking or orientations. Yet, we are one body, the Body of Christ.  This Church has received the gifts of the Holy Spirit, varied according to service and ministry, yet directed towards the fulfilment of one mission, the mission of Jesus, entrusted by his Father. Paul tells us that this Church of the Lord is nourished by the Word of God which is announced or proclaimed by its faithful, led by the faith it received in baptism. St. Paul says that we are a covenant people, a people filled with the Holy Spirit. This people is configured to Christ.  Live by God and for God.

That is why we fix our gaze on Jesus. In today's Gospel, Jesus announces to us his mission, which is also our mission, to announce the Good News. In Jesus we discover our mission, our baptismal vocation. This Gospel affirms three realities that are found in Jesus and that we can realise in our daily lives.

The realities of today's Gospel

1.            The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.

Jesus does not work alone. He sent his disciples on mission, never alone, but in pairs. We must know how to work together. Our faith is essentially communitarian in nature. The mission that Jesus gave us is a Trinitarian mission. Even if we only see one person of the Trinity visibly active, they are always together.  The gospel of the day says, pushed by the Holy Spirit, Jesus is at the synagogue.

2.            The Fulfilment of the Prophets and the Law

It is today that this prophesy is fulfilled. The mission is like a relay. One started it, I continue it and the other will pursue it. The mission continues and the saving project is a project for eternity. We accomplish all that we have been given. I did not come to destroy the prophets and the Law, but to fulfil them. Our presence in this church is already a plan of God. We need to be here every Sunday, not only to nourish our faith, but also to fulfil God's will. God would like you to be here, together, to worship Him in a worthy and pleasing way. We are here for God, because God has called us. Our presence is a response to the divine call.

3.            Consecrated and sent on mission

If we are here, it is because we are consecrated, and be sent by God, into this world that is thirsting for justice and peace. It is the Father who sent Jesus among us. It is the Father who sent me to you. It is the Father who will send you to the world today. Go in the peace of Christ, we hear at the end of the Mass. We should never forget the consecration and the mission that we have received on the day of baptism.

4.            Mission: proclamation and liberation.

In the end, what is the mission? How do we translate it into our daily lives? Certainly, we are doing God's will, as we have heard from the beginning of this Gospel. Luke teaches Theophile, the seeker of God, the beloved of God. We announce and proclaim the message we have received to the people whom God loves. I will no longer call you servants, you are my friends, for I have told you everything. As a father passes on his values to his children, so I have passed on to you all that the Father has entrusted to me. Jesus announce the liberation.  Let us free ourselves from the slavery of this world and free others, so that they may find the promised joy. We are here in this world as light to remove anything that darkness dominates and to announce to the world, the year of Jubily, year of promise and liberation, year of joy and hope.

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