Mary, Mother of God

Publié le 1 Janvier 2022

What a joy it is for us to begin the year in the maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Gospel begins with the statement, "They found Mary and Joseph with the new-born child lying in the manger". We are invited to discover, like Elizabeth, the divine motherhood of Mary, and to adore the Child God, invisible to the world, yet visible to the eyes of faith. Let us discover each day of this year with these eyes of faith, and in every individual this divine presence.

To do this, we must know how to listen to the word of the angels, a word that is very foreign, provoking fear and uncertainty, never seen or heard. Let us dare and listen to it.  With this message of joy and wonder, a message of peace and serenity,  we must learn to take the risk of moving, leaving the sheep in their place, towards an unknown direction. Like those shepherds, let us go with an eagerness, a Marian eagerness that we heard immediately after the Annunciation.  It is not enough to say Lord, Lord, but to put his Word into practice. They left immediately to adore the New Born Child.

Our God is a God of Covenant and thus we are a covenant people. In this covenant, an encounter is proposed and favoured, by listening to and carrying out the Word of the angels. Let us not hesitate to take this risk of life, and to commit ourselves to this displacement, to the peripheries of society. Every divine covenant makes us participative, raises us up towards God. Life does not reveal all the details of its beauty and majesty. We will discover them, like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, who later said, "Is not our heart burning? Like our God, the creator of life, our life is also surprising. Let us accept it with an open heart. Then, we will be able to sing with the angels of Lord, just like these shepherds, filled with joy and gratitude.

Jesus was not born in Mary, he was born of Mary, of her own flesh. He was truly her son, her beloved son. Since He chose to be born of a woman, it was in her that He chose to save humanity. She gave her flesh, so that this corruptible human being might put on the incorruptible, this mortal being might put on immortality. In Mary's maternity, we commemorate this mystery of the Incarnation, a great divine gift that Mary passed on to us, through her own flesh. Let’s humbly accept the divine gift of God, to the humanity.

In order for this gift to benefit all humanity, we must imitate Mary in her contemplation, and the shepherds in the adoration of the Invisible in the visible. They all gave glory to God, says the gospel of the day. A life of contemplation that directs us towards action will de facto give glory to God. This life will be a life of witness, inviting all those around us to savour life as a divine gift and to give Him the fruits of life. May this year be for you all, in the maternal love of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a year of blessing and grace.


"May the Lord bless you and keep you!

May the Lord make his face shine upon you,

may he take you into his grace!

May the Lord turn his face towards you,

may he bring you peace!"


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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