Sunday Homily

Publié le 25 Septembre 2021

We live in a world where everything is classed as black and white, for and against.  Each and every one of us wish to get associated to one or the other group. As long as these groups and classes remain inclusive not exclusive, these class categories do help us to grow, to articulate our needs for mutual wellbeing.  Today’s readings warn us the temptation of such  class  groups which wilfully blocks the good works done by others, simply because they are not of our group.  There are group looking for suvival, living for itself, destorying all new initiatives. As a better solution to avoid such temptations and dangers, today's readings help us to discern and prioritise the values we would like to have in our lives.  What is really motivates us, particularly our interiority? We are invited  in us,  to discover God's generosity and to review our lives, to examine our conscience.

Jesus joins Moses in reminding us, 'Why this jealousy of God's generosity?  Why do we have an evil thought? Why do we stop someone when they are doing good? So many questions and obviously we don't have a convincing answer, than our own ego centric approach.

I invite you to contemplate this theme all week, 'openness to God's goodness'.  Although God invites us to participate in his mission, he is not conditioned by our behaviour or our response. He is able to entrust the same task to two different people at the same time. If he asks us to participate in his mission, it is because he wants his mission to become ours and that by accomplishing his will we discover his goodness and generosity. All of us, Christians, believers and non-believers, are invited to discover God and to taste his love.

It is possible, like Joshua and the apostles, that we may be lured by the temptation to prevent the good and righteous works of others, in the name of worship, culture, ritual etc. It is important as a Christian that we seek only Christian values and learn to give thanks to the Lord for His wonders, without any distinction or condition.

To do this, the Lord asks us to have an inner look and to discover within ourselves all that prevents us from moving towards this God who loves us, because He is generous, open and welcoming. Today, let us review our lives in all sincerity. Let us identify the works, the words, the gestures or the looks that are bad and are against the divine will. Let us learn to distance ourselves from those behaviours that destroy the lives of others. Let us be aware that we are God's children, the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Let us pray to the Lord, especially in this Eucharist, that our words may be a word of life, that our works may give glory to God and that our eyes may be filled with love and mercy. 

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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