25th of September

Publié le 24 Septembre 2021

Gospel text

(Lk 9,43b-45): 


While all were amazed at everything Jesus did, He said to his disciples, «Listen and remember what I tell you now: The Son of Man will be delivered into human hands». But the disciples didn't understand this saying; something prevented them from grasping what He meant, and they were afraid to ask him about it.


The Application


All were in awe and many of us are in awe of the divine wonders. Very few would recognise the Cross that was on the way to this divine work that unfolds little by little, today in human works. God continues to carry our crosses. Unfortunately, this mystery of divine suffering remains veiled from our eyes. We must recognise that by our stupidity and infidelity we make God suffer and delay the accomplishment of the divine will, the building of the Kingdom of God.


Action of the day: Listen to the Lord.

«The Son of Man will be delivered into human hands»


Fr. Antoni CAROL i Hostench

(Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain)


Today, that the Creator of all Life announces his own delivery into the hands of those whom He has come to save in exchange of his own life, is quite a provocation. It can be said that it was not necessary, that it was an exaggeration. But we keep on forgetting the heavy load overwhelming Christ's heart, our sin, the most radical evil, cause and effect of our placing ourselves in the place of God. Even more so, of our not letting God love us, while insisting on remaining within the limits of our own shortcomings and most immediate present life. It is so important for us to assume we are sinners as it is for us to recognize that God loves us in the person of his Son Jesus Christ. For, after all, we are like his disciples, «But they didn't understand this saying; something prevented them from grasping what He meant, and they were afraid to ask him about it» (Lk 9:45).

To put it in images: in Heaven we shall find all sins and all vices, except arrogance, as arrogants never admit their own sins and do not let God forgive them, a God that loves us so much to the point of dying for us. And, in Hell, we shall be able to find all virtues, except humility, as the humble one knows himself quite well and fully realizes that without God's grace, he cannot stop offending him nor can he reciprocate God's Goodness.

One of the keys of Christian wisdom is the acknowledgment of the greatness and immensity of God's Love, while we also acknowledge our smallness and the vileness of our sin. How slow we can be to grasp it! When the day will come we shall discover we have at our disposal God's Love, and we shall say along with St. Augustine, with tears of Love: «It took me so long to love you, O God!». And that day can be today. It can be today.
It certainly can.


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