19th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 8 Août 2021

For the past two weeks we have had this theme, 'I am the bread of life'. We started with the multiplication of the loaves and last Sunday we heard from the Lord that He is the bread of life. Today Jesus adds yet another element to this Bread, the Bread that came down from heaven. Next Sunday we will meditate on the same theme, with a different focus.  In order to live this week better, I invite you to welcome Jesus' message of the day and make it your own. 

The readings of the day affirms that God takes care of us and will never abandon us. Elijah walked 40 days in the desert, in all disappointment and brokenness, in his deep solitude, totally abandoned by the people and authority, for a divine encounter, with the bread that the angel gave him. Whenever we set out on the road to God, God Himself will accompany us, as the angels accompanied the prophet Elijah. He who accompanied Abraham and Moses will also accompany us, if we listen to him and walk the path that Jesus has shown us. All those remained in the Lord, felt the presence of God. Let's not be broken or discouraged of deserts or darkness in our life, for God walks with us. 

When Jesus went into the desert, he was accompanied by the Holy Spirit.  So in the desert Jesus listened to his Father. On the day of the transfiguration the disciples heard a voice saying, 'He is my beloved Son, listen to him. Mary will tell us at Cana, 'Do whatever he tells you.  God speaks to us through the events that happen, through the people around us, the trees and stars, the rivers and seas do speak to us the marvellous work of God. Right here God speaks to us and we listen to the Word of God attentively and in this celebration we promise to God that we will put into practice all that he asks us to do.

As we heard in the second reading, instructed by the Word of God, we put our lives back on track, on the right path towards the holiness that God desires in us. Be generous and tender with each other. Forgive one another, as God has forgiven you in Christ. Yes, seek to imitate God, since you are his beloved children. It is in this listening and practice that we imitate Christ and become Christians.  Many of haven't built this affective relationship with Jesus, as the beloved children of God.

If we think that everything is our work and our mastery, Jesus warns us by saying, "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him to me. I have already told you, and today I am telling you again, that if we are here, it is not for our pleasure, but we are responding to the divine call. It is Jesus who invites us to a divine encounter, as He invited the prophet Elijah and Moses to the mountain. So it is important that we do not leave the church without receiving the divine message with in us.

Eat my flesh and drink my blood, do it in memory of me. Here we are remembering this event, 'the flesh given for the life of the world. Every time we celebrate the Eucharist, we are reminded that He broke the bread and gave to his disciples. A total rupture. He gives himself in the Eucharist. My friends, we come to church not for a human encounter, but for a divine encounter, by eating this bread and drinking this cup, we become Christ for our brothers and sisters. For this, Jesus invites us to believe and trust Him, to listen all that He says to us personally and to live the Eucharist in our daily lives, by putting everything in action. Amen.



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