27th of June

Publié le 27 Juin 2021

God never desires death for his people, for God created man for an imperishable existence, he made him an image of what he is in himself. "However, the history of man does not stop telling us that men die from the beginning of creation, even unjustly.  The book of wisdom affirms it by saying, because of sin, man has become weak and in this weakness he dies.  When we talk about death, we do not mean biological death, but spiritual death, the death of the free man, separation from God. The readings of the day assure us that faith can help us to live again, in communion with God, as Jesus explained to Nicodemus, inviting him to be reborn.  "Let a man appear who is able to let life live by responding to his aspirations for the absolute and for sharing, this man will be incorruptible. But he must be God to succeed in this project: he is called Jesus the Lord. " 

Faith in this man changes every other look that man can have in his life. This approach helps us to focus, not on the death or illness of this woman, but rather on the presence of Jesus. Jesus is there, and everything can change. The presence of Jesus allowed this woman to approach Jesus and present her concern to him, without saying anything. She shows a totally unknown and unexpected gesture, yet instantly recognized by Jesus. It seems like a stupid gesture to us, yet for God, everything is an expression of faith. "My daughter, your faith has saved you. Go in peace and be healed of your evil. "  

It seems to us that this healing was addressed to this suffering woman, in truth, will ensure Jairus, the father of this girl. Every expression of faith gives rise to another expression of faith. Jesus will invite Jairus to believe, to believe like this woman, with certainty of a solution, for the Master of all healing is with you. Jair saw how Jesus reintegrated this woman into society, not as a sick woman, but as a free woman, free of her expression of faith, free of the social barrier that separated and isolated her from the common life. 

We live in a society of mockers, who tell us, what's the point, or the girl is dead, everything is over. For God, everything begins again, including the life of conversion. He does not want to separate us from the society that isolates us and separates us by exaggerating our differences.  Just as He put the woman back in her proper place in society, He will put this girl back in the care of her parents, inviting them to feed her. Nourished with true food of faith, so that she may live this new life of resurrection in a radical way. 

We must never forget the attention that the Lord pays to his disciples. He will take with him Peter, John and James. Their presence, even if it is silent, is important for the Lord. Jesus invites us to be witnesses of these events, because they are capable of giving birth to the same faith in us as in this woman and in Jair. Above all, we must be with the Lord. Faith brings us together and brings us all into communion, as one people, one body, the Body of Christ, where each one is invited to live his or her faith fully and freely. 


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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