11th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 13 Juin 2021

After meditating on and celebrating the feasts of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we are invited to meditate on the Kingdom of God, and its qualities. In meditating on the Kingdom of God, we will discover not only how God acts in our daily lives, but also the behavior required of us. To better understand this, Jesus gives us two parables. These parables remind us of several other parables, those of the sower, the evil tenants, the five talents and again the image that the prophets used, like a protected vine, the planted tree, etc. The prophet Hose will give us the image of an abandoned child, and how this girl (Israel) prostitutes herself by rejecting the love offered by God.  

In these parables there is only one message, God does everything and He is merciful. The seed belongs to God and the sower is Christ.  The Kingdom of God is a divine work. We must recognize that we cannot know everything, because it is a mystery that we are invited to live and to immerse ourselves in. We will certainly know the fruit of our participation and the work of God, with a little patience. The sown Word takes its time and we must know how to be patient and trust. A failure is not necessarily bad, because God is able to transform everything. 

In the first reading we learned how generously God works and how much we must trust in Him.  As the prophet Hose told us, God takes care of us from our birth. We must never abandon God, for He is faithful. Farmers and even gardeners know to trust. The earth works with its rhythm. We must recognize that the divine works are not always visible to us. If we don't learn to look at everything with the eyes of faith, we can never recognize the divine guidance. 

What should we do? Very simple, we must bring everything we can, even if it is small, like a single mustard seed. It is capable of giving birth to another. Jesus needs these five loaves of bread for him to multiply them. That is why this participation and cooperation is important and so dear to God. He needs us.  Since it is God himself who is at work, our contribution, however small, is sufficient for God. If we listen and do in faithfulness, all that God asks of us, He will transform this water into precious wine. We must not neglect anything. Every encounter with God, in fidelity to his commandment of love, gives us rebirth, gives us new life. 

The journey of Mary, Martha's sister, towards the Risen One is our own. In love she went towards the void and the Risen One will call her Mary and will name her as the apostle of his Apostles. The disciples of Emmaus would later discover, "Is not our heart burning? Thomas' profession of faith, 'My Lord and my God' was a divine revelation. My friends, these are not stories of the past, but of the present. God is still working in our hearts today. He needs us, each and every one of us. Mary keeps telling us, 'Do whatever he tells you.  Let us pray that we too, like the Lord, may sow the seeds of love and forgiveness in our daily lives. Let us know with certainty that it is God who gives the seed to grow and bear fruit. Trust that whatever God has initiated in us, He will complete it, Amen. 

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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