25th of May

Publié le 24 Mai 2021

Gospel text

(Mk 10,28-31): 


At that time Peter began to tell Jesus, «We have given up everything to follow you». Jesus answered, «Truly, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters, or father or mother, or children, or lands for my sake and for the Gospel, who will not receive his reward. I say to you: even in the midst of persecution he will receive a hundred times as many houses, brothers, sisters, mothers, children, and lands in the present time and in the world to come eternal life. Do pay attention: Many who now are first will be last, and the last, first».


The Application


We are all called to make a good discernment in life. In this discernment, we choose what is best for us and the ideal way to engage.  Our energy and time spent are our investement. Following Jesus ou emptying oueself is also can be called as an investment, because in our discernment, it is here we find the best way to live our life.

Following the Lord, is a gift from God, for we cannot become his disciple if God does not  invites us. Yet Jesus tells us that every sacrifice made in the name of the Lord, in all sincerity, will not be forgotten.  God will reveal himself to us and give us eternal life. For that,  God desires a humble and open heart, which accepts every divine proposal.


It is not good to make a survey with God, a conditional act.  If you give me this, then I will do that, as if God depends on us to do His works. We must never forget a truth of life that many of us do not realize. We do not give to receive, rather we give because we have received.  Everything belongs to God, our talents, our time, including our very being. For all that you have receioved in life, today, in what way are you going to repay to God ?

Action of the day : Be grateful to God.


Daily Quote from the Early Church Fathers:


The spiritual sense of leaving the family,

by Clement of Alexandria, 150-215 A.D.


"Do not let this passage trouble you. Put it side by side with the still harder saying Jesus delivered in another place in the words, 'Whoever hates not father, and mother, and children, and his own life besides, cannot be my disciple' (Luke 14:26). Note that the God of peace, who exhorts us to love our enemies, does not arbitrarily require us literally to hate or abandon those dearest to us. But if we are to love our enemies, it must be in accordance with right reason that, by analogy we should also love our nearest relatives... But insofar as one's father, or son, or brother, becomes for you a hindrance to faith or an impediment to godly life, one should then not collude with that temptation. Attend to the spiritual, rather than the fleshly, meaning of the command." (excerpt from SALVATION OF THE RICH MAN 22.13)


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