5th Lenten Sunday

Publié le 21 Mars 2021

The Lenten season is a 40-day pilgrimage towards our own interiority, which will help us to perfect holiness.  The purpose of this pilgrimage towards our interiority is not simply to know ourselves or to shut ourselves in, but to go to meet the Lord, who dwells in us. To do this, we have chosen to walk with the Lord, and to listen to him all our lives.  If we do not listen to the Lord, we cannot know his will, and consequently we will not have the joy of accomplishing it. It is in this listening and by our positive commitment to the fulfilment of the divine will that we will become holy, and this holiness will make us worthy of celebrating the Lord's Easter. 
From the desert we walked to the mountain, from the mountain to the Temple, and in the Temple we were invited to purify ourselves so that we might discover the Light, Christ. Today the Church of the Lord brings us once again to the Temple, with these Greeks, so that we may encounter Christ as closely as possible and recognise the PERSON, Christ our Saviour. In this encounter we will discover the divinity of Jesus, who tells us that the hour of the Lord's saving act has arrived, and at the same time we will discover his humanity, a humanity that is totally shaken, and troubled, like each and every one of us, before a radical decision. If Jesus reveals to us in his divinity the economy of salvation, the divine plan, and at the same time, he makes us learn how we can, with our weaknesses, put into practice in our daily lives the divine will. 
The divine will is that this wheat falls to the ground and that the Father raises it up. The Christian faith affirms this through Saint Paul who tells us that to die in Christ is to gain new life in God. It is in death that God has chosen to give us life.  If God wanted the depth of divine love to be revealed in the death of his only Son, it is in this love that man meets this God of mercy. 
Today's Gospel tells us, "I have glorified him and will glorify him again. "The glory of God according to St. John is not an exaltation of the person in the human sense, it is itself a divine revelation. In Jesus, man not only discovers the God of love and mercy, but by looking at Jesus' life on earth, how He gave His life on the cross, as a pure offering for the remission of sin, man learns to unite himself to God, and by his positive commitment, he learns to take up his own cross. In this way, like Jesus, he will accomplish the divine will. 
In this last week of Lent, let us go up together like the Greeks to the Temple. Let us put to death everything that prevents us from going towards the Lord, in order to have an encounter with the Crucified One. The cross of Jesus is not only an instrument of suffering, but also and above all an instrument of victory. Let us become in Jesus Christ that wheat that dies to sin and have a new life through God, for God and in God. Amen. 

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