Our Lady of Lourdes

Publié le 10 Février 2021

11th of February




Gospel text

(Jn 2,1-11): 


There was a wedding at Cana in Galilee and the mother of Jesus was there. Jesus was also invited to the wedding with his disciples. When all the wine provided for the celebration had been served and they had run out of wine, the mother of Jesus said to Him, «They have no wine». Jesus replied, «Woman, what concern is that to you and me? My hour has not yet come». However His mother said to the servants, «Do whatever he tells you».

Nearby were six stone water jars meant for the ritual washing as practiced by the Jews; each jar could hold twenty or thirty gallons. Jesus said to the servants, «Fill the jars with water». And they filled them to the brim. Then Jesus said, «Now draw some out and take it to the steward». So they did. The steward tasted the water that had become wine, without knowing from where it had come; for only the servants who had drawn the water knew. So, he called the bridegroom to tell him, «Everyone serves the best wine first and when people have drunk enough, he serves that which is ordinary. Instead you have kept the best wine until the end».

This miraculous sign was the first, and Jesus performed it at Cana in Galilee. In this way He let his Glory appear and his disciples believed in Him.


The Application


The presence of Mary, the Mother of God at Cana is an assurance to all the baptised, especially to all those whom they invite her to their feasts. We must invoke her name, without any moderation, just as we invoke our biological mother. Like all maternity in our families, Mary's maternity in our spiritual life,  helps us to approach the fatherhood of Jesus' Father.




Jesus on the cross gave us his mother as our mother. Like her Son, she is faithful to her mission, to become the mother of all. Her apparitions not only help us to understand the depth of God's love, but also by our faithfulness to enjoy it.  The God who loved us in Jesus, dead and risen, still accompanies us through the Marian apparitions.


Through these apparitions, Mary not only reveals to us the divine will, but also urges us unceasingly to obedience, which will lead us to Jesus, "Do whatever he tells you. "She would like us to become, like her divine Son, faithful to the commandment of love. "Love one another as I have loved you. »




Mary, on this feast day, reveals to us that she is the "Immaculate Conception" and through our sincere commitment she invites us to be pure through the primacy of God's grace.


Action of the day : Listen to Mary’s message to be a true son/daughter of God.

«Do whatever he tells you»


Fr. Josep Mª MASSANA i Mola OFM

(Barcelona, Spain)


Today is the feast of our Lady of Lourdes. In the Gospel Jesus is the central character, but He provides his mother with a humble role as He daily does in Lourdes, in everything that happens there. Invited to a wedding party with his disciples, Jesus, there, makes his first "sign". Mary, tactfully, realizes the need of the new spouses, and prudently lets Jesus know, by pleading for them: "They have no more wine" (Jn 2:3). While Jesus’ answer seems rather evasive, not to say negative, Mary, all the same, warns the servants "Do whatever He tells you" (Jn 2:,5). She did not know what Jesus would do, but she was probably thinking: whatever He does, He will do his best! And she was right

The outcome is already well known: the messianic abundance of the "best wine" that makes the master of the banquet to be surprised and the disciples to reaffirm their faith in Jesus.

I would like to highlight the usefulness of the simple presence of Mary in that wedding feast: with feminine thoughtfulness, she realizes what is missing, and prudently she shares it with her son. This is the beautiful undertaking of Mary in our lives and in the Church. Let us recall here Pope Francis’ words on the role of Mary, and of women in general, in the Church: "The woman is essential for the church. ”Mary, a woman, is more important than the bishops. The feminine genius is needed wherever we make important decisions".

In the Church, in our families, in our personal lives, there are many shortcomings that Mary discovers and bestows upon Jesus; and her mediation is always effective! The woman is meant to provide a similar function

But it is necessary to invite Jesus and Mary to participate in our lives. And, most than all, it is also necessary to do whatever Jesus tells us to.


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