2nd Lenten Sunday

Publié le 28 Février 2021

Last Sunday we said that the first week of Lent will be a week in the desert, a life alone with the Lord. Today we are invited to discover the Lord, not in the desert, not even alone, but with others,  making our way with the Lord to the mountains.  We must always go up with the Lord. Climbing is also symbolically represents our elevation from an ordinary person, a perfect man, to an extraordinary person, a man of God, towards a life of holiness, a life with the Lord, by the Lord, and for the Lord.


The event of the transfiguration reveals to us, not only the Lord of glory, but also the path that will lead him, towards that divine glory, death and resurrection.  The presence of the clouds and the light, represents how God led the people of Israel in the desert, day and night, giving them visible and palpable signs. It will be the same to Jesus, be so for us to day. A living and life-giving presence.


How can we feel this life-giving presence in daily life? Let us look at the road travelled by our father Abraham, the father of faith. It is in  putting all our trust in the Lord, faith that we have, will help us to discover the presence of God. It was not God who discovered the depth of Abraham's faith, but in truth Abraham with his Son is invited to discover the depth of his faith, through Him, let the world learn the fruit of Faith. Isaac, the son who sought the offering to offer, will discover that he himself was the offering that God wanted from Abraham, his Father. In silence and obedience, Isaac will learn to listen to his Father, just as Abraham listened to his Lord. Just as Jesus led his disciples to the mountain to witness the transfiguration, Abraham will lead his son to the mountain, so that the divine will may be fulfilled and his son may discover the Lord of love and mercy.  Today the church invites us to take the same path of Abraham, the path that Jesus has shown to us and the same that the disciples followed. If we do so, then we will meet the Lord of Glory.


This encounter with the Lord of glory will end with a message, "This is my beloved son, listen to him. "May this week be a week of listening. How can we go up with the Lord if we do not listen to him? To listen him, let us look at heaven and earth, for they speak to us. Do we hear the cries of our brothers and sisters, or our children? My wife, my husband, my parents, my brothers and sisters, they are all messengers of the Lord. Let us listen to ourselves, to our own inner self. Since our body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit, by listening to our body we can easily hear the Lord's message. The Lord is never a God of Silence, He continues to speak to us, calling us for conversion, inviting us to come back to the house, the house of joy and peace.

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