27th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 4 Octobre 2020

For three weeks we have been contemplating around the Lord's vineyard, the Kingdom of God. I told you last Sunday that we are these vines, the beloved possessions of the Father. A Father so faithful that He sends us His only Son, so that we may understand not only the importance of our duty, but also His love for us all. With this sending, He asks us the same question He asked Abel's brother from the beginning of creation: "Where is your brother?" Since He has done everything, especially everything He was to do, we are obliged to answer him.

Through the divers celebration of sacrements, the Church accompany us in our daily life. There are many events and people around us to help us and guide us. Though in a difficult moment of life, we may find ourselvies walking alone, we should assure us that the Lçord of goodness, can’t leave us alone in our sufferings. Whatever may be the situation of our present life, we should learn to thank God and bless Him.  

The Holy Father has invited us to celebrate from September 1 to October 4, the month of creation. Let us make a personal and family commitment so that all creation may be in joy and give glory to God.  To this end, let us protect the four elements of life on earth, such as earth, fire, air and water, and use them with respect and honor. In protecting creation, we protect the image of God, the vine of God. God has entrusted to us this venyard.

The parable of the day ends with a warning proposed by men, "These wretched ones, he will wreak miserable destruction on them. He will rent the vineyard to other winegrowers, who will hand over the produce to him in due time". Fortunately, Jesus reminds us that He did not come to judge us, but through Him that the world may be saved. We must never distance ourselves from this look of Jesus towards his persecutors on the cross, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing'.

"The same Lord continues to entrust his vineyard to us. This vine is a very strong symbol that represents many realities. It is first of all the world with all that exists; it is humanity of which we are all members. We are only the managers of this vineyard. One day, we will have to account for it. The problem is that we are all faced with the temptation of the owner, and we allow ourselves to be caught talking and acting as if everything came from us. Let us learn to be a good servant of the Lord, worthy Childen of a loving Father. Amen.





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