The Feast of Assumption

Publié le 15 Août 2020

We, the children of Mary, have the pleasure of honouring her, not only as our Mother in heaven, but also as the first to enjoy the salvation offered by the Lord. The Church offers us this text of the visitation for meditation, because it helps us to understand our mother for imitation, especially the way Mary fulfilled the divine will, in a purely human way.  After Jesus, God had chosen her for us, to be our model and guide, as the way to heaven.

Today's Gospel tells us that she set out and hurried to the mountainous region, to a town in Judea. "We will see this eagerness all her life, from the beginning of Christ's life. She searched her Son, found him in the Temple and acted in Cana.  This readiness was not merely a human impulse, but purely divine, for in her God was at work.

God worked in her, for she left the Holy Spirit free to act in her, so that He might use her in his freedom. She is a woman of listening and dialogue. If she is in her cousin's house today, it is because she believed in the word of God. She listened attentively to the Word spoken by the angel and knew how to dialogue with him, in faith and trust. For a person of faith, this listening and dialogue are very important. As Mary's children, she is our school where we learn to listen to the Lord and she will teach us, how to put the message of God in practice.

Because she listens and dialogues, her presence guarantees the certainty of trust and ensures joy. She brings consolation to all those who suffer and by her presence she perfumes the environment with her dawn. She knew how to accompany her Son hanging on the Cross, and today she is with Elizabeth, who is in need of youth. She is always with us.

With Mary every human encounter will become like a divine encounter. Even if it was Mary who went to Elizabeth, in this human encounter there was another divine encounter, Jesus and John the Baptist. She was conscious that she was carrying God Almighty within her. My friends, let us be aware that we carry by our faith, Christ the Saviour of the world. Let us become aware that the other before us is a chosen one of God, sent by the Father to us.  Either he or she is there to save us, or he or she is there to be accompanied by us to be saved by God. My friends, on this feast day, by the grace of God, let us transform every human encounter as a divine encounter.

The feast of the Assumption reminds us of our history of salvation. Mary not only reminds us of the past, since this God has done wonders in her, she assures us that this God still does wonders in us. From the present she invites us to the future. Her feast is ours, for God will take us with us. Jesus has already promised us, "where I am, you will also be with me," and in Mary He has fulfilled this promise.

Do we recognize in this feast a humanity elevated in Mary who is able to receive God's grace in its perfection? God has exalted His humble servant, and in her the whole Church will be exalted and we find our hope for life. This elevation offered to Mary is symbolically offered to her Church, of which we are a member. With Mary and the Church of the Lord, the promise made to Abraham, is a certainty for all humanity of the day.  In this motherly love of Mary, let us carry Christ in our human encounter like her, so that all those who come to us may rejoice with the same joy of John the Baptist. Amen.



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