Publié le 9 Avril 2020

I imagine the face of Jesus on the Cross differently than we have become accustomed to. Very often we have a sad or dark face, and from time to time we have the pleasure of having a joyful face that we can see in Xavier's castle, the house where St. Francis Xavier was born, for example. I imagine a victorious face, a face that tells us that I have done everything, everything is accomplished.


A tiring face, certainly YES, but a face of a victorious one that confirms to us, even in his suffering, how much He loves us, the sinners that we are. In this merciful gaze, He begs us to understand the love of His Father, and how much He desires that we be saved, not the humanity of the past, or of the present, but the humanity of history, all of it, for an eternity. What a paradox, death gives us LIFE, 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life!


Was it my sin that brought him to the Cross? I don't believe so, but all the evil that we do today makes Him suffer, because I didn't understand His love and mercy. He can understand my weakness perfectly, for He already knew in His humanity that I am still weak. That is why He chose Peter as the head of His Church, who was mysteriously absent before His Cross. Even Mary and John were silent, for they did not know what to say or how to act? Accept or revolt? With what means?  God understands our silence and our distance too. All that could be done, was a mere presence, a simple look with compassion and love. Jesus needs this from us, even today, in our own helplessness.


All that matters today is not our guilt of the past, but our dirty silence where we can say something, where we have the power to act. This silence is not acceptable. This distance, becomes cooperative with the criminals. How in my humanity can we accept such behavior? Am I still silent? 


Jesus invites us today to take up our cross, the daily crosses, including our personal, family or social tears.  By carrying our daily cross, we have already on our part lightened the Cross of Christ. Through conversion, through our immersion in divine love, the lost sheep has already returned home and the Lord will seek others.


Today, from now until Saturday evening, we are asked to keep silence, an interior silence, so that we can contemplate this love that God expressed in the Cross. This silence will help us to plunge into our darkness that we do not want to enter. In this silence let us gather, not in sadness, but in hope.  I wish you a very good Pascal Triduum.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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