The Presentation of the Lord

Publié le 1 Février 2020

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. With this feast, we celebrate consecrated life. In these days, particularly in Europe, there will be many such celebrations and animations, like benediction of candles, procession, etc.  Each and every Christian feasts have their own history and tradition. All that we are called to meditate today is, the presence of the Holy Family in the Temple, with the holy people like Simeon and Anne.


The presentation of the Lord is already a feast of divine encounter, God coming to meet His people. Jesus goes to meet the people of God, waiting for the Saviour to come, the promise to be accomplished, a beloved people of the Father. Jesus enters into the Temple for the first time and He discovers the custom of the people and their rite with his parents. He enters in to the spiritual life of the humanity and this entry will be a contradiction, because one day they will be called to come out and worship God in Sprit and in Truth.  It’s no more the Temple, but the God who is worshiped, particularly the God who resides in the heart of every individual. He certainly met Simeon and Anna in the Temple (a place of worship), the men of prayer and contemplation, where God was already made His home.


This feast is truly our 'Epiphany, the light of the world. This heavenly Light dispels darkness and removes our spiritual ignorance on God and about His salvific plan, in the death and resurrection of His only begotten SON. It will nourish our spiritual hope.

The work of the Holy Spirit is active in these events. All are invited to the Temple, to meet the Lord, by the Holy Spirit. If man is able to accept this invitation of the Lord, he will certainly see the divine presence in his daily life. We see clearly that Simeon and Anna are called to the Temple. By their presence, they have responded positively to this divine call. Our presence in the Sunday celebration is also a response to this divine call, for a divine encounter. We are called here to listen and meditate. We will be sent by the Holy Spirit to be the living witnesses of divine presence in the world.


If Jesus' parents also come to the Temple, it is not only to fulfil the Law of Moses, but they are there to fulfil the divine will. We heard in the first reading, "Suddenly the Lord whom you seek will come into his Temple. "It is in this fulfilment of the divine will that they have found their happiness. They will see the death of the death and the death of their son will bring forth the Resurrection.  These events will make a place in the heart of Mary, who will continue to meditate over. A good lesson for our imitation.


Was there an extraordinary event in the Temple? No, certainly not. On an ordinary day, nothing extraordinary is perceptible. Yet there was an exceptional encounter, a divine encounter. Simeon saw the salvation in this Holy Child, so many years of waiting came to the logical conclusion before his eyes. Mary saw the unusual testimonies. These events continue to happen in our society, even today.


Men of good will, filled with love and mercy, will be able to see the wonders of God in ordinary events and will sing with Mary, "My soul exalts the Lord; Exult my spirit in God, my Saviour. "Even today, if we have ears to hear, we will hear the words of hope. If we have the eyes of faith, we will certainly see the signs of the divine presence in this world that God so loves.  To witness such events, we have to become Mary and Joseph, engaging positively in accomplishing the divine will. At least in our own limited way, we can become Simeon and Anne, being faithful in prayer and contemplation, where they were inspired and sent by the Holy Spirit.


My friends, especially parents, on this day of the feast of the Presentation of the Lord, I invite you to offer your children to the Lord. They belong to God. Allow them to grow in Sprit and Truth. Accompany them, by proposing in liberty, the wonders that God has enriched you. Let us give thanks to the Lord for his wonders. Whatever their state of life may be, glorify God, for He is good. And, all of you together, let us remember the baptism we received. Let us treasure the Light of the Resurrection and let it shine on our daily lives, Amen.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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