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Publié le 18 Février 2020

Gospel text

(Mk 8,22-26): 


When Jesus and his disciples came to Bethsaida, Jesus was asked to touch a blind man who was brought to him. He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village. When he had put spittle on his eyes and laid his hands upon him, he asked, «Can you see any­thing?». The man, who was beginning to see, replied, «I see people! They look like trees, but they move around». Then Jesus laid his hands on his eyes again and the man could see perfectly. His sight was restored and he could see everything clearly. Then Jesus sent him home saying, «Do not return to the village».


The Application


Faith is not from seeing and witnessing. It’s purely a divine grace with our cooperation and engagement. However, the external signs and events can pay an important role to rekindle in us the faith that God has graced us.  Jesus is asking us to keep our inner eyes open to see and understand from the external signs, the divine work in us. It is from this that we realize that the Faith is helping us to see the invisible truth in the visible realities. Thus, we go beyond of simply hearing the Word of God, but becoming accomplishers of divine will. In accomplishing the divine will, our own faith is nourished and enkindled.


It is in doing the will of God that we become the light of the world. This becoming, knowing the divine will, is not a day work. It takes time and get rooted in us, through our own failures and struggles. It is in our moments of darkness that we become the candle in the darkest moment of our brothers and sisters.


Today Jesus helps us to understand how God functions. He comes towards us and takes us apart from the world and establishes a personal relationship with us, so that we may know Him personally, in our own darkness.  It’s God who creates a proximity, so that we may discover Him, in a very crude way. This revelation itself a divine dialogue with the humanity, say Pope VI.


Jesus, the eternal LIGHT, by His very presence, brings in to our hearts the light which helps us to see the truth, removes the darkness created by the sins, elevates us as light of the world. We are not light, but the reflects of the eternal LIGHT. If we fail to realize this truth, there is a danger is falling back into the same old rhythm of life. Jesus asks us, not to enter again into the darkness, rather enter in the home, the divine home, in to our own home, where we will be formed and reformed.


Action of the day: Have faith and be the light of the world.



Daily Quote from the early church fathers:

Through the divine word of Christ he received his sight,

attributed to Pseudo-Chrysostom, 5th century A.D.


"[Jesus] spat indeed, and put his hand upon the blind man, because he wished to show that wonderful are the effects of the Divine word added to action; for the hand is the symbol of working, but the spittle, of the word proceeding out of the mouth. Again he asked him whether he could see any thing, which he had not done in the case of any whom he had healed, thus showing that by the weak faith of those who brought him, and of the blind man himself, his eyes could not altogether be opened. There follows: 'And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees walking;' because he was still under the influence of unfaithfulness, he said that he saw men obscurely. From the commencement, however, of the return of his senses, he leads him to apprehend things by faith, and thus makes him see perfectly. He then goes on to say, After that, he put his hands again upon his eyes, and he began to see, and afterwards he adds, And he was restored, and saw all things clearly; he was perfectly healed in his senses and his intellect."
(excerpt from a Commentary on Mark 8:22-25, attributed to Pseudo-Chrysostom, an early church father unknown today, but was ascribed for a time to John Chrysostom, 5th century AD)

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