28th of January

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Mark 3:31-35

31 And his mother and his brothers came; and standing outside they sent to him and called him. 32 And a crowd was sitting about him; and they said to him, "Your mother and your brothers are outside, asking for you." 33 And he replied, "Who are my mother and my brothers?" 34 And looking around on those who sat about him, he said, "Here are my mother and my brothers! 35 Whoever does the will of God is my brother, and sister, and mother."


The Application

In all our human relationship we have certain attachment.  Consciously or unconsciously we build our relationship according to this attachment. It is from here that we get the source of our energy and thus become a deciding factor for our engagement. In today’s gospel, people have misunderstood this attachment of Jesus and humanly expected that Jesus will accord the priority to this human relationship more than His Father.


Today’s readings help us to understand the force which can motivate us in our daily life: the membership in the spiritual family of Jesus. In the first reading king David gives us an example of the expression of his love for the Lord. Once we love God, we become like little children before God and will be able to build a relationship with God and wih others in confidence and in truth. It is from this invisible force that we look forward towards each and every one of us as brothers and sisters, acknowledging their difference and accepting them as they are, with mutual respect and love. How can be practically possible to build this relationship without associating ourselves with the family of Jesus and without listening the Word of God?  Mary in her humanity has proved to us that we too in our daily life, can do the will of God and please God by cooperating with God in the establishment of the Divine Kingdom.

Action of the day: search the divine will for your day, today.


Daily Quote from the early church fathers:

The cross of Christ as victory,

by Augustine of Hippo, 430-543 A.D.


"[Mary] did the Father's will. It was this in her that the Lord magnified, not merely that her flesh gave birth to flesh... When he said, 'Blessed are they who hear the Word of God and keep it' (Luke 11:28), he was in effect saying: 'My mother whom you have called blessed is blessed for the reason that she keeps the Word of God, not that the Word was made flesh in her and dwelt among us (John 1:14), but that she keeps the very Word of God through which she was made and which was made flesh in her." (excerpt from TRACTATE ON JOHN 10.3.2)


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