29th Sundqy Ordinaire

Publié le 19 Octobre 2019

The Christian life should be  a life totally immersed in God. It is a life of hope and joy. However, we must recognize that God does not remove our enemies or our daily difficulties or our worries of life. They will always be there with us. Even though God does not remove the worries of life, He gives us however  the grace and the courage to fight the enemies of love and peace.

 Since through our positive commitment we become collaborators in fulfilling the divine will, we are preciously protected and accompanied by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, without being discouraged, individually and communally, we announce the Word of God together, pray and celebrate together, serving the people of God with joy.

Since God is with us, we are not alone. We are supported by the people of God and for that we keep the faith in joy, without being overwhelmed by the events of the present, nor of the future. We move forward together, with the support of our brothers and sisters, like Moses who was supported by Aaron and Hour.

May our fidelity to the Lord not be conditioned by our resentments of received gifts or the prayers listened by the Lord. In contrary let it be conditioned on the other hand by the goodness and the generosity of God, even if we are not able to feel it daily.

When doubts invade us, the Word of the Lord and the spiritual writings can help us to find our faith and joy. Saint Paul gave a very good advice to Timothy, "thanks to the inspired Word of the Lord, which is found in the holy scriptures, the man of God will be well armed, he will be provided with all that is necessary to make a good work. "

In this parable of the day, Jesus invites us to trust God with patience and perseverance in our prayer, like Moses. He also addresses the subject of justice, which is ours. Justice without Charity and patience cannot give a good result. The patience and charity of this woman to this judge of the parable is in her own confidence in this man, that he is able to do me justice, even if his behaviour was just the opposite.

Generally we say that God does not listen to me, he does not hear me. In truth, isn’t we who are not listening to God? Isn’t it true that we are not able to have a dialogue with him so that we can understand and love him? Let's not lose our trust in God, do not lose our courage, and our faith. It is Jesus who promised us, "He will do them justice" but will he find faith in us?


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