Maunty Thursday (English)

Publié le 18 Avril 2019

The hour has come, now and here, and we are beginning to live this hour of the Lord, with Him, in His passion. It is in this passion that the Lord wanted to express his love. If He chose this path, it was because He wished that the world discovers the resurrection through His passion. "God loved the world so much. It is not to judge it, but by Him that the world is saved. If we want to be his disciples, we must take up our cross and He has shown it to us by his death on the Cross. The Lord's response to Thomas, 'I am the way' will now be ours.

He who was God took our human existence and we who are human beings, should dress ourselves with the divine qualities, be merciful. It is not He who rejected Judas Iscariot. He wanted him to stay with him, like the disciples of Emmaus. 'Stay with us Lord, it's late.' Jesus does not stop looking at us, full of love and mercy. After having denied the Lord three times, Peter met the Lord of mercy, and he wept bitterly, recognizing the forgiveness that the Lord has given him. This forgiveness is still accessible to all those who wish it.

The celebration of Holy Thursday will be marked by the washing the feet of the disciples and will continue with adoration. An exceptional gesture that the disciples will renew. It is thus the Lord established the diaconate par excellence in the priesthood, because all the priests are the deacons par excellence. We must know how to put ourselves at His service. He will take the towel that will protect us. Let us never forget to dress with Christ. He will put on the belt. It will be the virtues that will help us to keep Christ with us. The water that purifies us, it is not only the water of baptism, but also the water which has left from His side. It will be the same water of baptism that the Lord has offered to his disciples who wanted to sit on his right and on his left.

Peter represents our humanity, very ambitious, seeking in his innocence all that is good and agreeable. How can he allow his Lord to wash his feet? Yet he will give it away and the Lord will wash his feet. Not only him, but also the other will participate in this rite of purification, without being purified, because the evil spirit abides in him and he allowed himself to be inspired by the demon: a pity. The rite cannot do anything if we do not let ourselves be moved by the Holy Spirit. All human beings are free.

It is in this freedom that the Lord invites us to follow Him to the Mount of Olives. It is here the disciples will understand their weakness and receive forgiveness, like Peter. How can they follow Him openly to Calvary? Yet they will do it, like us today. All that the Lord does to us, we can never understand. We will understand it later. For this, He asks us to do, to do as He did before. Today, we have to ask ourselves, how will we express our love for the Lord?

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