Easter Homily (English)

Publié le 21 Avril 2019

We are witnesses of the resurrection, therefore a people of hope who carry themselves the light of the Lord. We are called to imitate St. John to see all that others are not able to see. Even in an empty tomb, we will see the signs of hope that will bring us to the path of life, a life filled with joy and happiness. It is in this emptiness of death that we see the life that God offers us today, a new birth, a birth to God. Resurrection is the sing of someone who is lost in the eyes of the world, has being declared as the winner by the Lord. Though strange, but is the truth of life.

"This is the day that the Lord has made, that it be for us, a day of celebration and joy. We celebrate with the universal Church the resurrection of the Lord, the day chosen by God, for the world to discover in the death of his Son, the hope and remission of sin. Just like the prodigal son, we are raised and invited to enjoy this inexhaustible and unconditional love. God so loved the world and sent His only begotten Son, not to judge us, but through Him that the world be saved. He is resurrected and in his resurrection we are saved.

Mary Magdalene will come out of her tomb of fear and anxiety, and will go to the tomb of the Lord. It is still dark, early in the morning, in all darkness that she discovered that the stone was removed from the tomb and the soldiers who were guarding it disappeared. There is already a hope in her despair, all is not lost, one has already removed the stone and a difficult work is done. For her astonishment, the Lord was not there. Had she really gone for the Lord or searched His body? She sought the living among the dead.

A displacement from her home to the tomb forced her to do yet another, now towards the living who can bring her hope. Everyone moves in his own way and will not keep the same speed. One will arrive faster than the other. Yet he will remain outside, observing from the outside inside. A respect for the other gave him the necessary time and will make him wise and allow him to see and perceive everything. We all need this patience to see the truth in our daily realities.

The disciples of the Lord discovered that the body of the Lord is not stolen and is truly resurrected.  There is no fun to cry SOS, before unexpected events of life. The resurrection of the Lord teaches us to look the other way. Watch and observe everything with a look of faith. This faith helps us to discover divine love and its works in our everyday life. A man of faith is able to perceive, even in painful realities, the invisible signs, a truth that saves us. Illness, family breakdown,  broken relationship, even death, etc., are the realities of life and they are painful. Faith helps us in these realities of life, to perceive the divine presence, especially how God accompanies us, very often in silence and in all discretion.

"He saw and he believed”.  It is here that we become Christians. We have seen our salvation history and believe that today we are part of this same history. The same God who liberated the people of Israel, is today our liberator. On this day we have a lot of baptism and yesterday many catechumens have embraced the Resurrected Christ as their Saviour. Let us renew in our paschal faith. May the Risen Lord remove our inner darkness and may the Light of Easter illuminate in us. Let us be happy witnesses and illuminate the world with the hope of the Resurrection. Amen.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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