8th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 3 Mars 2019

Neutrality and living a life without prejudice is almost impossible. However, every word that comes from the mouth of the person, does reveal to us his own interiority.  Man has lost the sense of speech that reveals his strength, his vitality, his spirit and his project, so to the most intimate being of man. The speech detects, indeed, the bottom of the heart and betrays it even where one claims to hide. You have to listen to the other, without prejudice and understand the other. Many at time, we don’t listen to the other person. That is why I say it and I repeat it today, that we see everything we have already seen and we hear everything we have heard.

This is how we fall into a routine life, taking the same path every day, and behaving in a repetitive way. If all goes well, as it should, and if our acts are filled with love and charity, for us and for others, this way of life will be good and produce fruits of multicolour, because in each individual, there is a particularity and we will find unity in our diversity. All of us will be like the good trees that produce the good fruits.

Man in his weakness and limit, would like to imitate others, men and women recognized in society or in the Church, without recognizing the goods he already has in his nature and all that he is capable of to bring in society. We are all rich because we are able to bring something to the society. We are all poor because we need others. Jesus invites us to know each other. Self-knowledge is the essential to know others, who surround us. If we are not able to know ourselves, how can we recognize others, let alone the God who loves us?

The gospel of the day reminds us that we are the children of God, the good trees that must give the good fruits. Jesus tells us that He is our Master. The disciples of a good teacher must represent this master and must always learn to live according to the teaching received from their master. Since Jesus is our Master, since His teaching is a commandment of love, we Christians are called to be visible signs of divine love. It is in this divine love where Jesus teaches us to know ourselves, to know our humanity which is incarnate in its divinity. This is how we become the disciples of the Lord and at the same time the teachers who transmit all that we have learned from the Lord.

If the Lord has asked us to be the light and the salt of the earth, because He believes we have the ability to be.  Wednesday will be already the Ash-Wednesday. Let’s purify our conscience and get on the right path. May the Lord be our Shepherd and may we be faithful sheep.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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