7th of March (English)

Publié le 6 Mars 2019

Gospel text

(Lk 9,22-25): 


Jesus said, «The Son of Man must suffer many things. He will be rejected by the elders and chief priests and teachers of the Law, and put to death. Then after three days he will be raised to life». Jesus also said to all the people, «If you wish to be a follower of mine, deny yourself and take up your cross each day, and follow me. For if you choose to save your life, you will lose it, and if you choose to lose your life for my sake, you will save it. What does it profit you to gain the whole world while you destroy or damage yourself?».


The Application


These days we will be meditating a lot about the Cross of the Lord and this Cross is salvific in nature.  Every cross of life can save us, if we assume them as a means or opportunities given to us to grow closer to God. The human experience does help us to understand that it is in our difficult moment of life that we call God, not in our joyful moments of life. God is always willing to respond to us, because He is ready to accept this cross, so that we may be saved.

Following Jesus and making Him as our way, is a joyful ride of life. The very presence of God gives us the energy to face all our adversaries with courage and certitude, including ordinary sin and its attractions. The wisdom will teach us to choose the master than what he can offer to us. Thus we will have everything he can offer to us. The good discernment will help us to choose God, the life and refuse evil, the death.

The first sept of this discernment is to identify our crosses and assume them daily and follow Jesus, who continues to carry our crosses with us. The second thing to do today is, to renounce all the unhealthy identities and fears that we hold on to us, as a mask to protect ourselves. The more we let go these false identities, the faster we will be find-out our real identity: children of God and beloved of God. It’s here we reborn in Christ and become new creation. Have a wonderful day.

«If you wish to be a follower of mine, deny yourself and take up your cross each day, and follow me»


Fr. Josep Mª MASSANA i Mola OFM 
(Barcelona, Spain)

Today is the first Thursday of Lent. The ashes our Church laid yesterday on our forehead are still fresh; and are meant to remind us of a forty days journey. In the Gospel, Jesus, shows us two routes: the way of the cross he must undergo, and our own way to follow him.

His path is the Way of the Cross and that of death, but also that of His Glory: «The Son of Man must suffer many things (...), and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and on the third day be raised. » (Lk 9:22). The route we must take is, essentially, the same one Jesus took, and He shows us how to follow it: «If any man would come after Me...» (Lk 9:23).

Hugging his Cross, Jesus complied with the Will of His Father; as for us, carrying ours on our shoulders, we follow him in his Way of the Cross.

The path of Jesus is summarized in three words: suffering, dying, raising from the dead. Three aspects constitute our own footpath too (two attitudes and the essence of our Christian vocation): Self-Denial, taking up our cross every day of our life and following Jesus.

If we do not deny ourselves and do not take up our cross, we are only seeking to affirm and be ourselves; we want «to save our life», as Jesus says. Yet, by wanting to save it, we will lose it. On the other hand, those who, because of Jesus, will not strive to avoid their suffering and the cross, will save their lives. It is the resulting paradox of our following Jesus: «For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself?» (Lk 9:25).

Our Lord's words, closing today's Gospel, tremendously shook Saint Ignatius and sparked off his conversion: «What would happen if I would do just as saint Francis and saint Dominic did?». If only, in this Lent, the same words would help us to reach our conversion, too...!


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