4th Sunday of the Lent

Publié le 31 Mars 2019

We are entering in to the fourth Sunday of Lent, rose Sunday, which invites us to joy. On this Sunday we already see the signs of joy, the joy of the father and the joy of the people. All together, they celebrate the return of son of the Father. All are in joy. The Gospel of the day invites us to participate in this joy of the Father. This son was dead, and today he is alive. In parishes, this parable is proposed to the common celebration of the sacrament of reconciliation. "I would get up and go to my father. Certainly, this awakened consciousness allowed him to discover himself, to remember his past and finally to hope in his Father. There are two important people: Father and son.

This son plays an important role in our daily life because he looks like us. Very often we associate ourselves with this prodigal son, a lost son, a scattered sheep. There is a sense of culpability and because of this we become aware of the importance of conversion. We must get up and go to the father. Our guilt associates us with this prodigal son. The father, however, remains an ideal to have, because he is the only hope. Everything remain in his hand.

Yet there is still a very important person, and I would venture to say it, that he is more important than the prodigal son for us, because in him we find ourselves. In truth, it is not the prodigal son who resembles us, the one who is converted, but the eldest son who refuses to enter and participate in the feast. Like him, we are generous in our negative comment and we judge each other without mercy.

This elder son lived with his father, unfortunately without knowing him. He did not realize the deep sadness of his father, a dear son died. How did it happen that this son did not recognize the suffering of his father, so he was always with him? His behaviour does not remind us of the story of a rich man and poor Lazarus, totally disconcerted and disconnected? He judges not only his brother, but also his father who loves him.

His father will treat both sons equally. Since he is free, he will leave this eldest son as free, as he had done before. This son will also enjoy the same freedom. Entering home or leaving the house, is now at his own hand. Many Christians of the day have chosen to stay out of the Lord's Church. Like this eldest son, they also have reason. Yet the gospel of the day, invites us to participate in the joy of the father, full of mercy and He still loves us.

It is important that we enter the house of the Father and be with the prodigal son, because in this house is the divine mercy, the free forgiveness. If we respond positively to this call, we will be able to participate in the divine joy. Let's discover once again this God of mercy and love, who is waiting for us, with open hands. Let us allow God to look us and have the courage to look at Him. This look filled with love and compassion will help us to grow worthily like his children. Let us reconcile with God, Amen.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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