3rd Sunday of Lent

Publié le 24 Mars 2019

The time of Lent is a moment of happiness, because we put all our energy to rediscover God and to worship Him in truth. This engagement to know God and to adore Him, is the way to holiness. Anything which leads us to God is the perfect way of living a saintly life. To have this life in permanence, we put all the available means before us and we dispose ourselves freely before the divine impulse, so that our approach towards this God be animated by the Holy Spirit. In this time, we allow God to take us fully and wait patiently for this divine intervention. It is important that we keep our eyes and ears open, so that we may be able to see the signs proposed by the Lord. Moses could see the fire and God could share with him His pain.

The realities of our day, the terrifying events, the wars and the attacks can discourage us and the others who are not in the truth are there to disorient us by repeating us by the different ways that God does not exist, or God has forgotten us, or even God can do nothing, or the man must do everything, etc. Do not let yourself be guided by this philosophy of life. We must never despair. The baptised are the people of hope nourished by the divine covenant.

The readings of the day present us with two faces of God. A righteous God who seeks the fruit and a God who is full of mercy and who is patient with us. Moses' encounter with God presents us with a God who participates in the suffering of the people. The time has come for the people to rediscover once again through Moses this merciful God, faithful to the promise made to Father Abraham. In the gospel of the day, the time has come for this God to receive the fruit, to be honoured and the man by his fidelity to the commandment of love is expected justly to shows the fruits of his commitment to the fulfilment of the divine will.

It is God who takes the initiative and He is still coming to seek us. Yet we must know how to welcome this man Moses sent by the Father to free us. It is a call to conversion, to return to that God who loves us. To be converted internally in the contemplation of the Word of God and externally in our positive commitments. It is an invitation to change our hearts, our habits, our way of thinking, acting, living.

If we do not convert, if we do not change our lives, there is a great danger. Regretting these two misfortunes presented in the Gospel of the day, Jesus warns us, "You will all perish like them. "Fortunately we have a gardener, who is with us, accompanies us, helps us to grow. He is here to show us a good way, a way of truth. Looking at his life, we will discover, especially by His teaching, in the end by His death, He nourishes us by his mercy, by his love, by forgiveness, etc. Here are the manure promised. We must welcome them with an open and humble heart.

Let us listen to how God spoke to Moses, "I have seen the misery of my people ... ..I know their sufferings. Today He speaks to us. He needs us to free the world, free the world from eternal death. To liberate the world, at first we have to be liberated and saved. Let us convert and believe in the good news. Amen.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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