Second Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 19 Janvier 2019

We are going through a difficult and delicate moment. Each and every one of have undergone one such moment of life. Some of us do live in particular way, a life without joy and happiness. The world around us give us news on wars, political and civil movements, economic and natural crises, etc. and sadly these are the regular news of the day. They remind us again and again the need of people like Mary who can help us to identify what is lacking right from the beginning and lead us to this miraculous person who can turn everything into wine. The word of Mary, which has been her life itself, right from the day of annunciation who desired to do the will of the Lord, by surrendering herself as servant of God, vibrates strongly and whispers in our ears all the time, "Do whatever He tells you. "

There is no wine. Certainly, it is a human invention, a great diligence of discernment and planning. The man did not do his duty, as he had to do. The feast of the Incarnation reminds us of divine goodness. 'God so loved the world, that He sent His only begotten Son, not to judge us, but through Him the world be saved'. The very presence of Jesus in our life, a life fully animated by Him, will be a life of joy and contentment.

The mystery of the Cana, the joy of the people who tasted this delicious wine, all started with a good invitation. It is necessary without resistance, we have to widen our invitation, to dare to leave the door open, so that Mary, with her Son, may enter in our house, especially in the moment of joy and happiness. Allow God to be present and participate in every moment of life. We cry to the Lord when we are struck by sickness, death, or failure, saying, have mercy on us. We must also thank for the divine presence in our daily life.

Our presence in this church, may not be transformed into an encounter in the supermarket, each one with his bags and penny tries to full it according to his or her needs, without taking in accound the others who are around us. Let every Eucharistic celebration, every moment of prayer or ritual celebrations, nourish us with rich human encounters and force us to go towards each other, to share and to listen. In these encounters, it is important that we sse the Lord who is in action. It is not enough to participate in the Eucharist and be content with a self-satisfaction, but rather it should help us to meet the Lord and more important to listen to him, to listen to the Lord who lives in the hearts of men.

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, our Saviour sees in our homes lots of empty stone jars, empty of compassion and love, empty of forgiveness and reconciliation. We do not need exceptional grace to love and forgive ourselves, especially our brothers and sisters in our home, or to look after our sick and lonely parents. We do not need a great blessing to share. For a baptized person, for a simple being, a smile, a gesture, a word will not cost anything. The Lord asks us to fill them, to fill them by ourselves.

If we present to the Lord everything we have, though little they may be, including the five pieces of bread and two fish, with a heart of Abel, the Lord will turn these little water that we have as a prestigious wine.  We should learn to put everything, our talents and time, our energy and gifts, each with his or her own capacity, in the accomplishment of the divine will. If we do this then the event of Canna is possible here now and it will be repeated even before our eyes.

First, as I told you from the beginning, let us welcome Mary and Jesus into our hearts. May they be the centre of our thoughts and actions, because with them we meet the Trinity. Let us invite Jesus in every human encounter and his presence will help us to fulfil the mission we have received, whether in the family as brothers and sisters, of as husband and wife of as parents, in society and in our workplace, etc. Let us be aware that we represent this saving Christ to every one who comes in contact with us. It is important that we listen to Mary and out into act all that Jesus is asking us to do. Have a wonderful day.



Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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