3rd Ordinary Sunday English)

Publié le 27 Janvier 2019

We are celebrating the closing day of the week of Christian Unity. This day reminds us of the need to live together, because we all believe in Jesus Christ, we have only one faith, Jesus died and resurrected. In this faith we form one body, preserving our individuality, a unity in our diversity. This diversity is favoured by the Lord because God created the world with these diversities. Nobody can live alone, we need others and God so willed to be.

As Christians, in this diversity we are invited to listen to the Word of God, a Word that brings us together, nourishes and unifies us as one people. St. Paul confirms this by saying, "You are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a member of that body. It is in this diversity of function, the manner we act or react, the different way we accomplish that the humanity will discover not only his vocation, but also in this call the universality of finality: a mission received and accomplished. One God, one mission, the salvation of men. We all share with our limits in this divine mission, a mission that Jesus received from his Father, a mission transmitted by the Apostles, a mission that the universal Church is fulfilling. Without you and me, the Church cannot fulfil her baptismal obligation.

How can we accomplish this great mission? Let's look at how Jesus did and imitate Him. In His humanity we can find the way to do and the manner to accomplish. The gospel of the day presents us with one of His daily habits. Luke tells us, "As usual, He entered the synagogue on the Sabbath, and he got up to read.” He is not a spiritual consumer, as we do in the supermarket. He enters in to the daily life of his people. God wanted to participate in the daily life of humanity, in his work, in his prayer, his joys and his sorrows. He participates in every state of human life, except sin. It is in this participation that Jesus teaches us to listen to the Word of God and to put it into practice.

Thus we can infer from this that the first Christian duty is to participate in daily activities of the humanity. Though Jesus disagreed with the then religious practices, their rules and regulations, He never negated the good things existed  in divine cult. His participation encourages us to participate in the different activities that the universal Church offers us, such as prayer, sharing the gospel, reciting the mysteries of rosary, doing charities, and be resourced from the Eucharist.

Social development, human liberation are the integral part of human salvation proclaimed by Jesus. We can’t separate them from our spiritual engagement. It is from the Synagogue that Jesus announces the social development program through which God wishes to liberate the humanity. Just like Jesus who volunteered to read the Word of God, we should engage voluntarily in all these liberating activities. As saint James requested, we should show not by our words  and speeches, but in truth and in spirit. By our love, let others discover that we are Christians.

May our family be a sign of unity for our neighbourhood. Let's work for peace and reconciliation. Let us be generous in our forgiveness and express it in sharing. It is very important to observe how Jesus nourishes Himself. He affirms it today. He is an anointed one, consecrated and sent. Let us be aware that in our baptism we too are  called, consecrated and sent. Let us listen the Word of God with Joy and share this joy with our brothers and sisters. We are sent by the Lord and called to represent this God of life. Have a wonderful Sunday.



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