The feast of Holy Family (English)

Publié le 29 Décembre 2018

Last Tuesday we were in front of the new born, in joy and admiration. Today we are invited to look at this extraordinary family in every possible way, whether spiritual, human or social, they remain for us the ideal model to imitate.

A mother who is praying, like Anne the mother of the prophet Samuel, who said to Elijah, "It was to get this child that I prayed, and the Lord gave it to me in answer to my request. In my turn I give it to the Lord to that He may use this little child to accomplish the divine will. Her husband agreed with this proposal, even though it was difficult. In the New Testament, it is Mary, the new Eve who presents herself, "here is the servant of the Lord," and with Joseph she brings her Son to the Temple, recognizing that her Son belongs to the Father, that the same Son will remind her later in front of all the elites of the Temple.

Saint Luke carefully presents Jesus as 'young Jesus' who will be presented to the Temple according to custom and the gospel will end with Jesus the Great, who follows his parents in full knowledge, true to their instructions, yet He is no longer a little boy.  God does not need to learn but we must always learn. Parents will learn from their children and we will learn from our elders. This is the cycle of life, which must take place with great respect for one another.

Between the small and the big, we see the parental difficulty, they lost their Son. Three days they will look for him. These days is very much a prophetic advancement. Thirty years in discretion, three years of ministry, three days at the grave. Nothing was easy. Mary will suffer just like a good mother and she will accompany her Son to the end. We seek in her the way she accompanied her son, her patience before her difficulty in understanding the divine plan and mystery, and her capacity for contemplation, particularly when she was confused and disturbed.

The pillar of the family, the father, Joseph however remains invisible. In his simplicity, faithful to listening to the will of God, always seeking the means to accomplish all that God will tell him. Faithful to Mary, faithful to her Son. A good worker, who made no noise. This silence is important for the Christian life and every moment of human life. Without this silence we can never hear the Word of God.

"As for Jesus, he was growing in wisdom, in size and in grace, before God and before men." It is not enough that we grow in wisdom before God, we must grow as Jesus before men of good faith. Our relationship should be both horizontal and vertical.

With this holy family, the Church is still offering us a family from the Old Testament, the family of Abraham. This family of Abraham was a family par excellence for Mary as a perfect model to be imitated and these two families will be for us a perfect model to be imitated and to be learned. We can discover three important words in Abraham's life: Faith, Covenant, and Justice. These three words can sum up Mary's magnificat. This is the foundation of Abraham's family, Mary's, and thus will be ours. No Christian family can live its faith fully without this foundation of life.

On this feast day we do not forget families torn apart, divided and separated. Let's entrust troubled families and couples and their children to the Holy Family. Pray for the fiancés who are preparing for the wedding. Lord guard us and protect us, as you were to the Holy Family, Amen.

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