4th Advent Sunday (English)

Publié le 23 Décembre 2018

We are celebrating the forth Advent Sunday and we have Mary who will help us to discover Christ in this Child who will be born, as her cousin Elizabeth recognized in Mary, the mother of God. Looking at Mary very close, we will understand the way she advanced, which made her to burst with joy as she sang the magnificat.

Mary listened to the Word and she believed. According to this Announced Word she engaged positively, concretely and eagerly. This little young girl was moving as quickly as possible so that Elizabeth would have the joy of welcoming the mother of God. This displacement provoked an encounter and this meeting gives rise to joy. The gospel of the day tells us that they are both animated by the Holy Spirit. From Jerusalem, from temple, from Zachariah God Himself made a move in giving greater importance to a small house of Galilee. In this annunciation the angel told her that she was gracious, full of grace, and she will hear the same message from Elizabeth’s salutation.

Mary represents for us in this displacement the true displacement of the ark of covenant 'the house of God' in Jerusalem and she will stay there like the ark of other times, three months in the house of her hosts. Mary is the true home of God. God will no longer live in a temple of stones, but living people. We the Christians are called to be aware of this dwelling of God in us. Saint Paul will tell us that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are sent into this world as missionaries who announce by our witnessing life, the Good News of the divine presence.

Mary, who carries Jesus in her, becomes de facto for us the Eucharist, the dwelling place of God. Mary's greeting has given birth in John the joy that Elizabeth will feel strongly. This encounter bears a resemblance to our Sunday gathering. We are here together to celebrate the Eucharist and this Eucharist must start with a salutary greeting that must make the other leap into joy.

In these greeting exchanges we will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit who gathers us together and like Elizabeth, we will recognize the mother of God in our brothers and sisters, the envoys of the Father who are before us and with us. We are already in a feasting mood, the pink Sunday which mixes purple and white. My friends that this visitation does not stop here in the church. Let's make it come alive in every human encounter, at home, in the hospital and in the street, etc., for example. Let all our brothers and sisters may have the same JOY.


On this Sunday, we turn to you God our Father. You made us happy to visit us in your Son received in this Eucharist. Fill us with the Holy Spirit so that with the Virgin and Elizabeth, we may give you thanks through our words and our whole life. Amen.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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