27th Ordinary Sunday (English)

Publié le 6 Octobre 2018

The Christian life is a life of communion. We are not called to live alone, but to live with others in union with the people of God. Even the monks and Hermits who live their lives in silence and solitude are in union with others. In their prayer and contemplation, they pray for us and unite us in their intentions for the Church of the Lord. 

God chose conjugal union as a model of his love so that it could become a school of love and forgiveness for his people. He wanted this conjugal union that the Church celebrates in the sacrament of marriage to be a visible sign of the Trinitarian union, the divine love for men, the Father and I, we are one. It is here that we see the sign of divine love and that man is not desperate or discouraged. 

We must recognize that we are living in a difficult time when many of our contemporaries are living their married lives badly, with divorce, separation, compound and reconstituted families, etc. God looks at us with great love and mercy. He assures us that love still exists and we can hope in this love.  He recognized the hardness of our hearts and shares with us our daily suffering. 

The Church is inspired by this teaching of the Lord on the sacrament of marriage. She sees in the life of the couple, a perfect divine encounter in which God establishes a place of exchange and listening. There are the strengths in men that help us to grow and also the weaknesses that require us to watch and work hard so that this conjugal life will bear fruit and continue until eternity.

As Christians, we strongly believe in this teaching of the Lord, "that which God has united, that man should not separate it.  This union willed by the Lord, honoured by men before the people of God, requires us to recognize God's work in men. God works in us, through us and for us. We have a God faithful to his covenant and he asks us to be faithful to our commitment. 

I invite you to entrust all children of our time to the Lord. They are the first victims of separation or divorce. Let us pray for couples who are in difficulty. There are separated couples who try in their own way, with their own limits to have a good dialogue, so that their children can live a peaceful and pleasant life. Certainly, there are still others who are deeply wounded, torn, who can no longer stand up.

My friends in Christ, God needs you and me, so that marriage may remain sacred and children may  find a dignified and good home. Formed in this school of love and forgiveness, may they one day become the bearers of humanity's hope, Amen.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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