25th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 23 Septembre 2018

There is a new teaching very rich and the disciples understood nothing. This new teaching though difficult to understand, it’s not because of this difficulty in understanding that the disciples failed to understand, rather, they were busy with something else. If we read further today's gospel, we understand that their hearts had been busy with another thought, which was far from the divine thought. "For on the way they had discussed among themselves who was the greatest. »  When we are occupied with other things, even very simple thing will be difficult for our understanding. The greatness lies in the Father, who was ready even to give His only Son as a ransom for our sins. It’s this divine generosity that the disciples failed to understand. The disciples will understand this after the death and resurrection of the Lord.

Jesus helps us to understand who is the greatest in the world: those who are able to welcome others, like children, are great, not only before God, but also before men. Let me explain this in a small example. A man of small heart, can't be generous. A person who is not generous cannot put himself at the service of others. A man who does not know how to put himself at the service of others, has not only failed to understand the divine generosity, he failed even to understand the natural generosity, such as rain, sun, air, tree, etc., They all contribute to our physical, mental, psychological and very importantly to our spiritual well-being.  If we do not become aware of this truth of dependence or interdependence, we will live in the islands, without being able to connect with the humanity which is richer than the service it provides us.

We Christians are invited to discover through the events that are happening around us, through the world and its people, this invisible God and his works.  Our service to the humanity, to this earth, is a service to God, because our God is resides in a concrete way in this humanity and on this earth that He created. By preserving this land, we are preserving divine creation. By honouring our brothers and sisters, by putting ourselves at the service of humanity, we honour and glorify the Author of Creation; GOD. It’s here that we learn to be humble and generous. God has blessed me with lot of richness and we have a duty to share and protect.

Jesus invites us to discover a great mystery of creation and its contribution that we often forget. He presents us a little child as an example.  "Whoever welcomes a child like this in my name, he welcomes me. And he who welcomes me, it is not I whom he welcomes, but He who sent me. "If man has become aware of this truth, we would no longer have war, no divorce, no hatred, and we will find in our diversity, an invisible yet imposing unity, even in our own body. My friends, the Church invites us in the name of the Lord to transform every encounter, including a simple ordinary human encounter as a divine encounter. Let us discover this God who loves us through our brothers and sisters, and the same God who suffers in our own humanity. Let us be merciful and generous, as our Father is merciful and generous with us.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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