22nd Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 1 Septembre 2018

Christian faith is a faith conditioned by the Word of God, not mere words or letters. Fidelity to this Word dictated by God Himself, and from time to time through the mouths of the prophets, necessarily guides, orients us and teaches us. If we put this Word into practice as faith demands of us, we will have life, Life in God. Thus, a totally configured and transformed life, will be a new life and since this life in configured in Christ, we will have a new life in Christ and Jesus Himself becomes our Life.

Nourished by this Word of God, it becomes de facto the centre of our existence, the source of our thoughts and the cause of our actions. If we make a choice, it seems logical to me, between the Word and the Person, we must know how to discern and choose the Person, the author of the Word than the Word itself.  Tradition, culture, worship, etc., must give way to God, the author of creation.  The great difference of the man oriented by excellence is the Man, little men who seeks and support the law and tradition in its perfection and a man of faith seek the divine will in this law and tradition. Thus he learns to go beyond what is established and visible, towards a newness and invisible truth in every moment and event of life.

The history of salvation confirms to us that this God of our faith is with us, and in us. He has accompanied us until the day of our time and He will accompany us until the end. We know that through the incarnation He created a divine closeness that man can never imagine.  Through the humanity Jesus, God has made us in a dignified way, capable of participating in His divinity. That is why He asks us to be faithful to the essential of Christian life: the divine will.  Without seeking this divine will in our personal and social life, our life itself will lose the meaning of existence.

The gift of discernment, one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, must play an important role in our decision making process. This process of discernment will certainly take in account the story of creation. Since God created us in His image, we must preserve this image scrupulously pure, without any manipulation and pollution. If our consciousness and this image of God in us, is polluted by purely sensual thoughts, everything that comes out of our thoughts and mouth will be as fleshly as we are. Thus, acts even if they are good, will remain purely carnal. If we continue to do so, we will certainly forget in the current of the winds of society and with contemporary and modern thoughts that to be human is to be divine.  Indeed in this circumstance, man becomes god of his own creation by teaching a new thought coherent with contemporary thinking, and by consequence moves away from the Author of life, God. Without divine foundation, in his thirst to be perfect and holy, he will remain true to the law and tradition, without understandng neither the source nor the finality. Jesus keeps us from this worldly and sensual mentality and reminds us today by inviting us to go to the essentials of life: The divine will, expressed explicitly in His teachings.

My dear friends, let us be faithful to the teaching of Christ and of the Church of the Lord. This is the first step towards inner peace and joy. Let us put into practice the love of God by expressing ourselves as Christians in our forgiveness and mercy. This positive engagement will help us to preserve the joy and hope in us  that God has gladly and gnenerously has accorded to us. From the mouth of Saint James, the Church of the Lord teaches us: Put the Word (love and mercy) into practice, do not just listen to it: it would be an illusion. " Have a wonderful Sunday.




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